Thursday, February 18, 2016

15,000 young African footballers are taken abroad annually under uncertainty

African footballers' dreams are increasingly being turned into nightmares. African families are always ready to offer their children the chance of a better life.Families sell their landed property, businesses, and take loans from banks and meeting groups to support the dreams of their children. After all there is too much money in football and their sons will repay when they signs contracts, they believe. But its so painful how most of these parents watch their children perish for their lack of knowledge and ignorance.
These children on their part forgo their education of course for what they believe in. This the outcome

Some anonymous man begins to hang around football pitches so that his face becomes familiar. Of a sudden he is a football agent with connections in Turkey, Dubai, England , France and even Brazil.
He then identifies very good players and starts making contacts with them. As it is already the case, due to lack of Trust, these players do not tell their managers nor coaches.
The supposed argent gives his fees of approximately 3million Francs some times with flight ticket fair included. They begin to call these players on a daily basis, even talking to their parents to show how genuine they are and before you know Mrs X's piece of land ois on auction sale, Mr Y, is in the bank to take an overdraft.
Once paid, these agents take the players to the said country "Once we reached the airport in Turkey,
the manager excused himself to make a call and i never saw him again till i was bundled back to Cameroon by migration" said 20 years Davidson whose single mom had sold her surviving poultry farm to send him to Turkey.

"He took me to his friends house where we lived about 8 of us in a single room, i stayed there for six months and until my Visa expired, i had never had a test match or seen a football pitch with my eyes. i had to shamefully come back" Mvondo shared with The Sysy House Of Fame TSHOF).

This loving father could not help but share his story for the benefits of the players. " I am a head teacher in a government School working for 32 years now. Chenwi was the most admired player during local competitions here. When Chenwi came with this travel story, all my troubles started. He needed an emergency 450.000Frs for a new passport with age change. I funded that. then he aksed for 2100,000frs for his travel to play in a 2nd Division club in France. I gathered all i had and it was just 700.000 Frs, then i had to borrow and sell my lone piece of land. I so much believed in my son. i gave him the money and bid him bye bye since he arrived France and called me, two days after, i have never heard from him till today. He left January 08 2015. wether he is alive or death is a question i keep asking God" Mr Chenwi Che burst into tears. These young dreamers are left with no money, no visas, no prospects of work and no way of returning home.

According to an estimate by Foot Solidaire, a Paris-based charity working to increase the protection of young footballers globally, up to 15,000 young African footballers are taken abroad annually under false hopes – over a third of them head to Europe. This is a lesson every footballer to learn. Its not a crime to dream big, but dream with precautions. This is a sensitization forum please. Kindly give your proposals on what this players can do not to be victims.



  1. Oh oh oh some sad testimonies there.Its really a complicated issue because its very difficult to identify who a good football scout or agent is.But why do players already playing here under a licensed team prefer to leave behind the back door,' ? is it that they fall for all those stories about europe...? Football is one of those games where excellence is bought at a mega price....its rather unfortunate that somebody will mislead his junior brothers as do this 'wanna be' agents.Our authorities too need tp really make a football professional,it'll help so much to tackle this

    1. Hello banyuy Azel just wish to make out a point here,if u see a player trying to leave using the back door its means he has been a victim to some of these club presidents who turn to exploit the player who is ignorant of the engagement they had.its true a player is bought at a mega price but what about situations where the president turns down an offer on a certain player because of his own personal benefits,think about that too.

  2. Truely speaking, the bulk of work needs to be done by the authorities. It is very glearing that football in Cameroon is not appealing to the players who are treated like they have lost their way. Imagine Elite 1 (1st division players) earning less than 100.000frs a month, this barely can feed and cater his very basic needs. Then look at the state of the fields we have as home stadiums, players get covered to the knee level with rain water when it poors and then no motivation because they rarely get authentic selection into the National teams. I really feel bad for this.

    1. hey there sylvie its very certain every cameroonian footballer dreams of becoming a professional footballer in europe reasons being why they fall into the traps of soul called managers or player agents.lets start by checking the football conditions in cameroon in terms of infrastructure and so forth.we do not have gud playing grounds and the players are not well taken care of.this makes it really difficult to know the qualities of the player yet the players still get trapped in their our authorities need to start by providing suitable playing grounds which our fellow cameroonian footballers seek for outside cameroon not to talk of their leaving standards which is the most important.

  3. Dear Sylvie thank you for raising this as an issue. I love the caption of the article. Its quite a sad reality that in the 21st Century people dont do accurate findings about authenticity of football contarcts etc. I will not blame the footballers but blame the various stakeholders in our football management begining from the Presidency to the Ministries and FECAFOOT for killing football in Cameroon.Prioty is not given to lacal football at all. Our local leagues are never shown live on local T.V, Players in the local league end their career ematiated with nothing to write home about that they played, the governmant refusal to construct stadia and training grounds are some of the factors that makes us feel our dreams can only be achieved in Europe or somewhere. I dont believe in a Paris charity organisation ''helping'' African players because everything in France is fake. I believe in SHARITY NOT CHARITY like Mallence Bart Williams.

  4. Thank u a million times for this wonderful article and its with great delight that i comment on it. Football now is one of the fastest means to make any sport entrepreneur a Multi billionair that even the actors (footballers) are being used as sacrificial lambs. My friends comment had arrows pointing at the ggovernment and fecafoot but I am so sorry bro to so they have little or less to do as far this epedemy is cobcern . We are the problem that is manangers and players alike. We are the government remember and we can't be talkinChange when our actions say the Opposite . we can't have greedy and selfish manangers and we put the blame on government. Ok for example I as a player I dream of playing the european champions league and and no matter how developed Cameroon football is I will never accomplish my dream except I get intergrated in a European football club. How can this be possible ? Only through a mananger but if he thinks on only about himself how does the government come in. The manangers are greedy and self-centered players too on the other hand will leave their homes on adventure for a land they know nothing about thinking they will enter paradise andunfortunately meets with the greatest nightmare of their lives then roaming the streets in Europe becomes the only option. Ignorance is the worst diseases one can suffer from . please players must keep excitement and face reality .Europe is not Paradise so let's sacrifice and use genuine means to travel for trials and forget short cuts for our own safety.