Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lionesses stay focus and positive

The female National Football team of Cameroon has proven that determination and hard work put together brings indelible success. Who would have thought that by 2016, these ladies would be having more supporters than the most pampered men. It is no doubt that the ladies have outperform the men in this game of unity. Cameroon football  has been facing a lot of problems whereby these ladies have been a victim of greed and unfairness. In preparation for the world cup where they were amazing, they were often left on their own to fend for career development. These ladies were found riding on motor cycles to their training grounds, allowances not paid and upon arrival after a great display of honour, they were never welcome back home neither did FECAFOOT, make an effort to stand by their pay promise for once. Is it because they are ladies, or is it because the team is coached by "l'anglo la" (Enow Ngachu, the most result oriented and focused Cameroon Coach we know who happens to be an anglophone)? all these questions were being asked by Cameroonians who were almost giving up on football, thanks to the timely intervention of the dynamic Lionesses.

Cameroon hosting African's Nations cup for women is no tickle for the seemingly rigid minds of the football governing bodies in Cameroon. February is about to elapse without an official authorization of the program of function for the Lionesses. Are these people blinded by the rehabilitation work going on around? Not too sure of the answer but obviously these two aspects are not interwoven by any thing

Despite the lack of resources, these ladies are focused on being true patriots of the nation and despite
the challenges, their positive minded and SMART coach, Enow Ngachu, says that he will not let any opportunity pass him by without showing Cameroonians that their hope on the Lionesses is built on a solid foundation of Performance.

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