Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Meet the blogger

I am Njobati sylvie but every one calls me Sysy. I was born on the 06 June 1991, i guess you can do the math to know my age lol.

My love for football started as far back as 2010.  I was just another disappointed fan during the world cup. So i would watch football on TV and had little interest for live matches

Gradually my love for the game grew with a mixed feeling. I was under the dillema of directing my football interest to diaspora football and Cameroon/African football. But i couldn't settle for anything less than grassrot football, football i could relate to, the African struggle.

I started going to Fandena stadium (Omnisport Yaounde) to watch Cotton sport de Garoua, UMS de Loum, Canon de Yaounde and Yong sport Academy because I had friends and brothers playing in these Elite 1 clubs. To me football was a game of amusement where some 11 strategically positioned people were careful fondling with a leather balloon to make goals and win the game, under the instructions of some tensed man probably chewing gum, folding his arms and would even sit on a flask of ice without noticing.

But when I got  more involved in the game, I realized that it was more than the illusion I had about football. I realized that football could be used as a tool for the development of the nation, as a measure to improve standards of living and inspire lives and of course loyal entertainment.

But my realizations were met with a lot of contradictions: Cameroon football in particular is facing a dramatic drop in performance and public interest. I decided to dig into these challenges faced by Cameroon football and behold they are not written on stones, they can be solved. The solution lies in our hands. We are the change we need,

Prominent among these problems, was lack of education and knowledge. So as Sysy, i started this blog to give you all the information you may not find else where as my own contribution to the development of Cameroon football.

You are next, the power to create a positive change in football lies in your hands. The little actions to take now to help is going to put a smile on a face for ever.

you can jon the moving train by visiting our "take an action" page and make a date with destiny


  1. Nice meeting you sysy. Good job

  2. Great job sis...keep it up! P.S I love you to the moon and back.
    Kisses, Diana.