Friday, February 12, 2016

Military Women in Cameroon exchange their guns for football

Talking about military international games is quite an uncertain topic as alot of people have no idea what this is all about. In case you are wondering, just like FIFA's world cup, the military has theirs too where these men who lay their lives down for the security of the world show the world that they have other talents apart from "gunning" as known by the lay man.

Cameroon Football women though marginalized, have been representing Africa either by merit or performance. The Military Lionesses are up again to represent Africa due to their last performance which was termed by many "excellent". They were automatically qualified to represent Africa in France come May 2016. The saying "Good things don't hide" might seem monotonous and common but it is very true. His performance during the World Cup 2015, Canada succeeded in taming the perception of Cameroon football, and now he has been called by the minister of defense to set up an indomitable Female team against the may 2016 Military World Cup.

His Plans are this simple, "professional training, selection on merit". These are some of the two virtues that is present at every Level of the National team selection ranging from U17-Seniors. This is a recommended value in on going attempt to face-lift Cameroon football.

This team has an initial number of 40 players that shall be eliminated in the on going friendlies to the desired number. These very vibrant and technical ladies are staying united and focused as they wait to represent Africa in May 2016.

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