Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Christian Men Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church Evangelises through sports

It was yet another exiting day in Bamenda where the christian Men Fellowship of the Presbyterian church took to evangelising the population of the North West Region through sports partciularly in the games of football and volleyball. Today 29 March marks the 2nd day of play during the Zone C, CMF Mezam Presbytary zonal competition with the wonderful encounter between CMF Nitob and CMF PSS on the PSS field.
 It is quite interesting to note that this is the fourth edition with this year's tournament including 6 CMF groups. The football competition has been divided in to 2 poles
Pole A: CMF Abangoh, CMF PSS Mankon, CMF Nitob,
Pole B: CMF Azire, CMF Ntaturu, CMF Chomba.
Talking to the sports coordinator Mr Halle Sunday Joseph, he explained the importance of incorporating sports in Christain activities. To him, it is more than making sports to keep fit, it is about evangelising through sports, buiding strong friendship among members and development of life skills such as tolerance, discipline, and the power of control as are the benefits of sports.
The PCC's Christian Men Fellowship are promoters of transparency in every aspect of their activities as seen in the fact that during every match, the match officials are recruited from Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot, "this is to promote fairness and transparency" Mr. Halle explained.

The criteria for being a participant in this very rewarding evangelisation activty is being a CMF member in the Presbyterian church. The message from these Vibrant group of men in the PCC is clear "Truth and service to the Lord. How wonderful it is to see God's children live in Harmony.
The encounter between CMF PSS Mankon and CMF Nitob was a display of charisma and technique in the game. Both teams battled to a 2 CMF Nitob - 0 CMF PSS Mankon.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Unbelievable! football players bribe coaches to play matches

We have come to a situation in African football where things are happening in a reverse manner.
The usual trend is a footballer player signs a contract of payment with a team and is paid his salary and allowances. But the trend is gradually changing and unlawful or unethical practices are becoming rampant in football.
Coaches on their own part have contracts that states specific amount of money they earn per month or bi-weekly.

The trend is gradually moving towards players paying coaches in order to play matches. But the question i asked a Elite 2 player  is, why would a talented player pay a coach to play. "I have been in this club for about 4 months, i train every day as recommended yet i have never played a match. The last time i was put into the field was 10 minutes to end of match. So i was discussing with a team mate and he said its because i have not 'choko' the coach. Then when i recieved my salary i gave him 10.000frs and he told me that am now becoming a wise man and a hustler."  Since then he was put on the list of 1st eleven players for about 2 months and after he was being kept out again. I guess the hustler contract is finished and needs to be renewed. He needs to pay more money to play other matches

It got worst when i saw a 15 years old boy trying to pay the coach to keep real good players outside for him to play. The coach does not care if he is a minor or not. All he cares for is his money.
Believe it or not, it is a worm eating African football.
Dear footballers instead of you being paid for playing, you pay to play? Embarrassing. "But what can we do, On va fais comment?" This is the song on every footballers lip

Looking at why a coach will accept payments comes down to the issue of poor payments. They earn very meager salaries that is suppose to run his life.
This is a wrong phenomenon. These are the results
You that paid to play when you are not qualified, you will disgrace yourself in public and the whole world will know you are bribed your way into it

You that paid to keep some talented player on the bench, you are destroying talents and promoting Mal-practices in football and if i find you, i will write about you here for the whole world to know
You the coach that is collecting money to make players play when they are not yet ready, trust me you are destroying your career, do not ignore the small beginnings
You the coach that intentionally keeps good players on the bench for them to pay, i will personally write about you on this blog

Friday, March 11, 2016

This Cameroonian Boy Challenges Christiano Ronaldo. Watch and be amazed (Video)

I was so Amazed when i watched this.
The difference here is this is raw undeveloped talents. Its grassfield and neighbourhood talents. What if it were developed from childhood as some countries do?

Could Alex Song be celeberating his Come back with this incredible dance? (Video)

Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong (born 9 September 1987), better known as Alex Song, is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays for English club West Ham United on loan from FC Barcelona. He plays as a central or defensive midfielder, and can also play as a central defender.
Originally a utility player on the fringes of the first team, Song quickly became an integral part of Arsenal's starting eleven during the preseason to the 2008–09 campaign, resulting in a €15 million transfer to FC Barcelona in 2012.
He played for Cameroon in the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups. He was called up for the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations and was the only Cameroonian named in the Team of the Tournament. Song also possesses a French passport.

He was recently called for the match against South Africa march 2016. It was greeted with mixed feelings by fans. Others think his performance in Brazil plastered Cameroon's image with red mud and therefore should not be representing Cameroon while others think every one deserves a second chance especially when they are exceptional good at what they do. He is the nephew of former footballer Rigobert Song

Could this dance be a celeberation of his come back to the National team?
watch and have fun.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

List of the 27 Indomitable Lions called for the match agains S A. Oooooops!!!

 Hugo Broos, New Cameroon coach announces the 27 players on call against South African 26th march 2016.
 Checking out for your favourite player and can't find, do not be surprised he is at the mercy of football politics. Chill and be a fan from the 27 below

Goal Keepers :
 André Onana, 
Ndy Assembe,
 Fabrice Ondoa

Allan Nyom, 
Nicolas Nkoulou, 
Aurélien Chedjou, 
Henri Bedimo, 
Oyongo Bitolo, 
Adolphe Teikeu, 
Sébastien Bassong

Stéphane Mbia, 
Alexandre Song, 
Matip Marvin,
 Ngwem II Fils,
 Sébastien Siani, 
Tony Tchani, 
Landry Nguemo, 
Franck Kom,
 Dani Ndi.

Attackers :
 Aboubakar Vincent, 
Benjamin Moukandjo, 
Christian Bekamenga,
 Jacques Zoua,
Salli Edgar, 
Anatole Abang, 
Toko Ekambi.

While others a re baffled by the presence of A Song on the list, others are wondering what happened to Georges Kevin Koudou who was paid a visit by Fecafoot to request his joining of the national team. Others couldnt help but notice the absence of Njie Clinton , Fai Collins, Enow Eyong, Joel Matip. 

These players will start camping on the 21 of March, that will be exactly 5days from play day for players who have been playing in different teams, different play style, different environment, different climatic conditions. This time frame has been a major factor that contributes to the lack of a coherent play style displayed in Cameroon for the past years by the Lions. 

Join Samuel Eto'o to celeberate his 35th Anniversairies. Hip Hip Hip

Samuel Eto'o celeberates his 35th birthday today.He is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Turkish club Antalyaspor. He is the most decorated African player of all time, having won the African Player of the Year award a record four times: in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010. He was third in the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2005.
Eto'o scored over 100 goals in five seasons with Barcelona, and is also the record holder in number of appearances by an African player in La Liga. In 2010, he became the first player to win two European continental trebles following his back-to-back achievements with Barcelona and Internazionale. He is the second player in history to score in two UEFA Champions League finals and the fourth player, after Marcel Desailly, Paulo Sousa and Gerard Piqué, to have won the trophy two years in a row with different teams.

As a member of the Cameroon national team, Eto'o was a part of the squad that won the 2000 Olympic tournament. He has also participated in four World Cups and six Africa Cup of Nations (being champion twice) and is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Africa Cup of Nations, with 18 goals. He is also Cameroon's all-time leading scorer and third most capped player, with 54 goals from 118 caps. He announced his retirement from international football on 27 August 2014.

In 2015, he received the Golden Foot Award.

Samuel and Fans can't keep calm today because it is his birthday. Team TSHOF wishes  you a Happy Birthday

AFCON Qualification: CMR vs SA Match Preview (26/03/2016)

Cameroon Vs South Africa, African Cup of Nations Qualification 2017
Group M of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualification tournament is one of the 13 groups to decide the teams which qualify for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations finals tournament. The group consists of four teams: Cameroon, South Africa, Gambia, and Mauritania. The teams play against each other home-and-away in a round-robin format, between June 2015 and September 2016.
The group winners qualify for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, while the runners-up also qualify if they are one of the two runners-up with the best records.

Cameroon  will be playing against South Africa at the Limbe Municipal stadium on the 26th of March 2016. This is a qualification match for African Cup of Nation. On a head to head game with South Africa in 2008, Cameroon was beaten 3goals to 2 in South Africa and later  on the 10th of January 2015, both teams knotted 1-1.

Out of   5  matches lastly played by Cameroon, they have won 2, lost 2 and drawn in 1.
Out of 5 matches lastly played by South Africa, they have won  3, lost 2 and drawn in 1

The tournament will be held in Gabon after a decision by the CAF Congress that saw the Central African country beat Ghana and Algeria to the vote to host the 31st Edition of CAF's premier event. War-torn Libya was initially selected to host Afcon, but concerns over players and spectators' safety pushed CAF to choose an alternative host

Monday, March 7, 2016

Under-aged West African footballers "trafficked" to Laos like slaves

The last time i wrote about African footballers moving out of Africa under uncertainty. This is a spot light on that same topic as at july 2015. Below are pictures of 23 Under aged West African boys illegally recruited to Asia to play for Champasak United, southern city Pakse.

It has been claimed that Champasak United, a newly-formed club which plays in Laos’s top league, intends to profit by selling the players in future

In a clear breach of the world football governing body’s rules, the club has fielded overseas players as young as 14 and 15  years old in league games this season.
One 14-year-old player, Liberia’s Kesselly Kamara, who scored in a full league game, says he was forced into signing a six-year deal before playing for the senior team.

His contract promised him a salary and accommodation, but Kamara says he was never paid and had to sleep on the floor of the club’s stadium – as did the rest of the travelling party.

 “It was very bad because you can’t have 30 people sleeping in one room,” Kamara, who is now playing for a club back home in Liberia’s top league mentioned.

All those who travelled to join the “IDSEA Champasak Asia African Football Academy” did so after being invited by former Liberia international Alex Karmo, who captained the club at the time.
Young players gratefully accepted the invitation, since Liberia lacks a football academy of its own, despite being the only African country to have produced a Fifa World Footballer of the Year – George Weah in 1995.

Fifa is in contact with several member associations in order to gather all information to assess the matter and safeguard the interests of the minors.

Please guys lets jointly fight against this evil practices happening in the world of football now. These traffickers are killing our sons and brothers, nephews and uncles. Players! the only weapon to fight this is education. Get your selves informed and educated about the most important things you need to know about your career
Often work with your country's football federation to be sure you have first hand information about Credited agents and do not hesitate to ask questions. Please if you are in Cameroon and you doubt the credibility of any agent, please kindly go to our contact page and send an email or call the lines for verification. Also feel free to ask any questions regarding your career.

The claws of Black Magic on African Football

Football is regarded by some stakeholders as a game of  natural Talents while others look at it as a display of protected talents. But there is no denying that football is a natural but tammed talent.
Africa is known for black magic, not just in football but in every aspect of life. Yes its part of our daily activities. Am not saying that the rest of the world is without their own type of mysticism; could be because its not done publicly as in Africa.

Oftenly you would hear a goal keeper say that when the ball was coming, it suddenly disappeared and he saw spears, an active player would start a match and after 5 minutes will have a cramp that can't permit him to play again, then a players leg will begin to swell out of presumably nothing or someone will play a local match and will lose to a leg to only God knows what, may be during a match a ready player is absent and can't explain why, falling oftenly in the field is the simplest of all. It all sounds funny, doesn't it? But i have heard all of these. They all look like excuses for failure to some, but to others there is more.

Have you ever watched a match during a tournament that is worth 100.000frs in your local neighbourhood? Most often than not, there is always this weird person moving around the field, making incantations with some very scary stuff in hand usually a woody stuff, wrapped in red. Then this other person whose area of duty is around the pole. Some times its hidden but most at times its done like a public display.

Then there is this other aspect of fortification. A night before a match, the players and their coaches go to the grave yard and spend the night there so as to fortify themselves. Yes this is very real. Some teams have a reputation for this. Have in mind that this baberious acts are put up during very local competitions, oftenly yearly tribal tournaments, interquater games and some professional teams.
A football fan based in South West Region and Littoral Region should have an idea of every form of mysterious practices during a football tournament.

Since officially players are not allowed in the field with items considered harmful, they go for the invisible black magic such as some bloody stuff to drink, some powder put into their bodies through blade blood cut and others through sacrifices of what we cant imagine. And then this question cames in. Why would a talented player want to seek black magic protection. An anonymous player told team TSHOF that among themselves as players, there is alot of jealousy. So some players go visit witch doctors to kill others' game, so that they can excel. Here using Black magic is preparing for the unforseen. Another school of thought holds that even among family members people aspire to frustrate or kill others. To others visiting a witch doctor for black magic is just a hobby or family routine check up prescribed by the ancestors and to others they just do it because others are doing it.

I was so baffled that i asked a coach if mysticism behind footbal is real. "Sysy tell me what you think happened to this most sought after player who after getting into elite 1 from a team's academy, went mad and only recovered after leaving the team?" Oooooops.  "Again Sysy tell me what you think is happening to a player who was not really spotted here in Cameroon, but when he went to belgium and was toping the league, he started having injuries every match day and never played for 6 months untill his contract was anulled. OF COURSE THERE IS ALOT OF MYSTICISM IN FOOTBALL" He concluded aloud. At this point i went frozen, i almost believed in what i dont know.
Then it occured to me that i had a friend whom any time he had an opportunity to go for a test match, he would be injured two weeks before then during training, i watched it happen thrice, talk less of the times i didnt know about.

Another school holds that the deaths that ocur in some teams are mysterous. For example the death of two players in Dynamo of Douala within three weeks in August 2015. 26 years old striker Loepold Angong Oben who died during a match and 27years old Ferdinand Mbog, goal keeper of same team who died of an unspecified illness. Why wouldnt players be scared? But is Black Magic the way out? A football fan said may be God is too slow to react.
Rumours even hold it that most of these African top players are loyal clients of the black magic houses and others put blames on families when things go wrong. This was the case where Adebayor while in Tottenham Spurs was allerged to have his mother of practising withcraft on him.

Is this African Legacy of Black Magic worth it?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Lack of education destroying African footballers

Today’s young semi-professional football players are faced with the dilemma of following their education and honing their talents as footballers. This means they must balance the contradictory demands that come from their education establishments and their football clubs. With every Cameroonian footballer dreaming to be the next Samuel Eto'o, education is not an option. Yes they just want to be exactly Samuel Eto'o and not better.

It is true that football has its own type of education; education passed onto players through their coaches and team mates. This education conveys different types of up-bringing, counseling, coaching, parenting and disciplining. There is an informal communication methods that happens between players and coaches, therefore that same communication is invalid if used in public.  Making things difficult is the fact that very few of these coaches have their own education talk less of educating some other people

During my daily interaction with footballers i realized that the major issue plaguing Cameroonian footballers is lack of basic education to see them through their professional life thus leading to the following issues
Lack of communication skills in all of Cameroon's official languages, making it difficult for them to have a successful interview or documentary. Being able to face the public and make correct and sensible sentences is an obligation for every player. It adds you value and you become an asset and a brand.

-      Inability to read and understand contracts well enough to bargain, identify fraud or faults and to make good decisions.

-      Inability to keep a profile that can ease access to international placements. These include, passport, Curriculum Vitae, press releases, Videos and Licenses.

-         Fraud or Scam. Most players have faced the problem of fraud especially with their clubs and agents. They sign defined contracts and at the end they are deceived into staying or their licenses are renewed without their authorization.  This has led to some players losing better opportunities. Further some players are being manipulated by their supposed managers and fraudulent agents. They spend an exciting amount of money to leave Cameroon to go play football out without even having an invitation from any club for test matches or integration. Some end up in the streets in Europe, Some end up in Prison. Approximately 15000 African footballers leave African countries each year under uncertainty.

Of course they are unable to read and understand rules and regulations binding them and agents, managers and clubs These rules and regulations are not even made available to them.
In a survey i carried out on surveyplanet.com using 30 randomly selected players, none was an enrolled in university, 2 of them were holders of GCE Advanced Level, 5 of them had ordinary level,18 were holders of Common entrance, 5 of them not having any certificate in life and just 2 were enrolled in a secondary school at the moment out of the 28. This is a clear indication of less productive work force. A mentor commented on this statistic that if Cameroon footballers are asked to pick guns now and go to war they would because they are the most unsatisfied and uneducated set of people

Education is very vital to the success and growth of players. It should be noted here that some team managers and coaches are the key strokes behind this. They give clear instructions that training is everyday from 7-11AM. This is strictly school time frame.

If there is anything to be done to help Cameroon Football, Education is that magic maker. We should copy sports development models from other countries such as America. Every state in America recruit its spotters such as basketballers, footballers, volleyballers through high school and universities and they must maintain a certain level of educational performances, So unless you are Michel Jordan and you are not a student, you can play in any National team. This model is very helpful as these players become an asset not a liability
Proposal 1
Football especially has the power to unite people and cultures all over the world. As a team sport, it promotes fairness and tolerance, Health benefits,  leapfrogs gender boundaries and fosters mutual understanding, thereby contributing to the positive development of personality and character. Therefore this game should be implemented under supervision at the primary school level as a lesson taught in class for thirty minutes and practiced on the field for thirty minutes. This way youths grow in it as a culture and as a child is growing, parents and educators will already be able to detect if the child's future is football or education.
 Proposal 2
Cameroon should institute that every football academy players and players in regional league level and below must be enrolled in a learning institution and their training time should be flexible for these players. Now the issue here is who is Cameroon? Ok. If the authorities that be can not implement this, then let every club manager in this category be the promoter of education by implementing this.
 proposal 3
Now at the secondary school level, a child has already had basic but childish knowledge in football. Instead of making it an often game because it can become a distraction, twice a week is admissible(1:30minutes each day). Here a child will understand that football is not the only priority but also education. He or she Cant drop from school because he will lose his chances of a professional career.If a child is very good, then he can enroll in a formation center while going to school. It is a win-win: Education and football
 proposal 4

They could also institute that all the national team selections of U17,U20,U21, U23 should be from University  teams and high school. This give our national teams and players a competitive edge.

Please lets all bring out ideas.

The craziest Football Fans Pictures

The heat is too much
The Clueless football fans who care about the sexy players
It is Confession time for the disloyal

is this Donald Trump's grand son, People look alike in different ways
When you want to be Mark Zukerberg and the spirit wants you to be a football fanatic
"I have heard that english football pays, fans clubbing England is what i therefore want to do for a living"

That moment when you are alone and dont know how to deny yourself and your club
when father and son plots against mom and wive
Thats the Obligation of a Chelsea Fan, to Pray to Allah to "keep this team from falling my hand"


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why every footballer needs an Intermediary ( Agent)

(The word Agent will be used in this Article instead of Intermediary because a lot of people are getting confused with these two words. But it should be noted that FIFA annulled the existence of Agents. what exist now is intermediaries.)
Often Intermediaries (agents)  are regarded by various clubs with a mixed feeling: the timely
interventionists and the money suck-away. But the issue here is how do players look at agents. Mostly in the developed world, players consider agents as a necessary intermediary that can take them to the next step, but in the less developed world, especially Africa, some players look at these agents as career transformers, others look at them as the unwanted guys who gets the money while they do the job and others are completely clueless of the importance of an argent. Whichever way, everyone has factors affecting their reasoning: lack of education, experience, complex, ignorance, influence or society.
Agents are very important in the career of a footballer. Though an agent's key role remains what it has always been: to secure the best possible deal for his player when it comes to contract negotiations, in modern football, it goes far beyond that.  Main roles and duties of a football agent include:
Career management:
This is the primary function of every agent. Managing the career of his clients includes, Negotiating good contracts on players behalf, ensuring these players are in top form and performing, negotiating transfers, ensuring health safety.
Parental Role:
The modern agent often acts with parental concern for young footballers, many of whom have come from difficult backgrounds or quit the education system early, leaving them with few of the life skills required to deal with the unbelievable amounts of money thrown at them.  They go as far as ensuring family stability for these players as this means a lot to the performance of the players. These agents work close with wives and kids of players like in finding new schools for kids in transfer cases, making sure wives and family are updated.  This gives enough time for the player to concentrate

Financial planning:
This is very important as most of these players are clueless about banking and finance, investment choices, spending choices and insurance issues. As an agent, his job is to make sure that your weekly or bi-weekly wages is well managed because most football careers rarely last more than 15years, then they stop earning the millions the do each week, yet they have the same bills coming, after all they are used to a particular lifestyle. A good agents job is to make wise investment choices that can support a footballer after retirement. (Note that some prematurely retire)
Sponsorship and marketing opportunities
Here the agent is responsible for creating new opportunities for the players to be seen and known for their performance which will eventually attract sponsorship. This is being able to manage the image rights of clients, how much of his clients image rights should be handed to the club and how much should his clients reserve, Decisions on which adverts should he go in. Image rights is a very important source of income for football stakeholders and if agents succeed in negotiating a good deal of image rights, then it is a source of leverage for the player
Public relations:
 This role is also vital as the each media wants to be the most sought after by making interesting vibes. Sometimes some players are misunderstood by the world may be by what they say, or do. These agents work ceaselessly to ensure that broken public relations are mended. They prepare their clients for press conferences, interviews and TV appearances and guide them on how to handle scandals.
Disciplinary issues:
One of the most important aspects of football is discipline; unfortunately Cameroon is not a role model. Adhering to football rules and regulations and societal norms is very important to the career of a footballer. These agents therefore put in place actions that motivates their client to avoid the usual vices such as, disrespecting match officials, fighting, anger, gambling, womanizing, and alcoholism.
A professional career is so short that players need to maximize what time they have – that’s where the agent comes in. Finding the best opportunities for their client, and making the best of it.
Now that you know, if someone claims to be your agent and he can’t do the above mentioned for you, then he is not your agent, he is your God-father. It is high time we started acting right.