Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Christian Men Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church Evangelises through sports

It was yet another exiting day in Bamenda where the christian Men Fellowship of the Presbyterian church took to evangelising the population of the North West Region through sports partciularly in the games of football and volleyball. Today 29 March marks the 2nd day of play during the Zone C, CMF Mezam Presbytary zonal competition with the wonderful encounter between CMF Nitob and CMF PSS on the PSS field.
 It is quite interesting to note that this is the fourth edition with this year's tournament including 6 CMF groups. The football competition has been divided in to 2 poles
Pole A: CMF Abangoh, CMF PSS Mankon, CMF Nitob,
Pole B: CMF Azire, CMF Ntaturu, CMF Chomba.
Talking to the sports coordinator Mr Halle Sunday Joseph, he explained the importance of incorporating sports in Christain activities. To him, it is more than making sports to keep fit, it is about evangelising through sports, buiding strong friendship among members and development of life skills such as tolerance, discipline, and the power of control as are the benefits of sports.
The PCC's Christian Men Fellowship are promoters of transparency in every aspect of their activities as seen in the fact that during every match, the match officials are recruited from Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot, "this is to promote fairness and transparency" Mr. Halle explained.

The criteria for being a participant in this very rewarding evangelisation activty is being a CMF member in the Presbyterian church. The message from these Vibrant group of men in the PCC is clear "Truth and service to the Lord. How wonderful it is to see God's children live in Harmony.
The encounter between CMF PSS Mankon and CMF Nitob was a display of charisma and technique in the game. Both teams battled to a 2 CMF Nitob - 0 CMF PSS Mankon.

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