Friday, March 4, 2016

Lack of education destroying African footballers

Today’s young semi-professional football players are faced with the dilemma of following their education and honing their talents as footballers. This means they must balance the contradictory demands that come from their education establishments and their football clubs. With every Cameroonian footballer dreaming to be the next Samuel Eto'o, education is not an option. Yes they just want to be exactly Samuel Eto'o and not better.

It is true that football has its own type of education; education passed onto players through their coaches and team mates. This education conveys different types of up-bringing, counseling, coaching, parenting and disciplining. There is an informal communication methods that happens between players and coaches, therefore that same communication is invalid if used in public.  Making things difficult is the fact that very few of these coaches have their own education talk less of educating some other people

During my daily interaction with footballers i realized that the major issue plaguing Cameroonian footballers is lack of basic education to see them through their professional life thus leading to the following issues
Lack of communication skills in all of Cameroon's official languages, making it difficult for them to have a successful interview or documentary. Being able to face the public and make correct and sensible sentences is an obligation for every player. It adds you value and you become an asset and a brand.

-      Inability to read and understand contracts well enough to bargain, identify fraud or faults and to make good decisions.

-      Inability to keep a profile that can ease access to international placements. These include, passport, Curriculum Vitae, press releases, Videos and Licenses.

-         Fraud or Scam. Most players have faced the problem of fraud especially with their clubs and agents. They sign defined contracts and at the end they are deceived into staying or their licenses are renewed without their authorization.  This has led to some players losing better opportunities. Further some players are being manipulated by their supposed managers and fraudulent agents. They spend an exciting amount of money to leave Cameroon to go play football out without even having an invitation from any club for test matches or integration. Some end up in the streets in Europe, Some end up in Prison. Approximately 15000 African footballers leave African countries each year under uncertainty.

Of course they are unable to read and understand rules and regulations binding them and agents, managers and clubs These rules and regulations are not even made available to them.
In a survey i carried out on using 30 randomly selected players, none was an enrolled in university, 2 of them were holders of GCE Advanced Level, 5 of them had ordinary level,18 were holders of Common entrance, 5 of them not having any certificate in life and just 2 were enrolled in a secondary school at the moment out of the 28. This is a clear indication of less productive work force. A mentor commented on this statistic that if Cameroon footballers are asked to pick guns now and go to war they would because they are the most unsatisfied and uneducated set of people

Education is very vital to the success and growth of players. It should be noted here that some team managers and coaches are the key strokes behind this. They give clear instructions that training is everyday from 7-11AM. This is strictly school time frame.

If there is anything to be done to help Cameroon Football, Education is that magic maker. We should copy sports development models from other countries such as America. Every state in America recruit its spotters such as basketballers, footballers, volleyballers through high school and universities and they must maintain a certain level of educational performances, So unless you are Michel Jordan and you are not a student, you can play in any National team. This model is very helpful as these players become an asset not a liability
Proposal 1
Football especially has the power to unite people and cultures all over the world. As a team sport, it promotes fairness and tolerance, Health benefits,  leapfrogs gender boundaries and fosters mutual understanding, thereby contributing to the positive development of personality and character. Therefore this game should be implemented under supervision at the primary school level as a lesson taught in class for thirty minutes and practiced on the field for thirty minutes. This way youths grow in it as a culture and as a child is growing, parents and educators will already be able to detect if the child's future is football or education.
 Proposal 2
Cameroon should institute that every football academy players and players in regional league level and below must be enrolled in a learning institution and their training time should be flexible for these players. Now the issue here is who is Cameroon? Ok. If the authorities that be can not implement this, then let every club manager in this category be the promoter of education by implementing this.
 proposal 3
Now at the secondary school level, a child has already had basic but childish knowledge in football. Instead of making it an often game because it can become a distraction, twice a week is admissible(1:30minutes each day). Here a child will understand that football is not the only priority but also education. He or she Cant drop from school because he will lose his chances of a professional career.If a child is very good, then he can enroll in a formation center while going to school. It is a win-win: Education and football
 proposal 4

They could also institute that all the national team selections of U17,U20,U21, U23 should be from University  teams and high school. This give our national teams and players a competitive edge.

Please lets all bring out ideas.


  1. Yeah i support the american model of selection

  2. A minimum qualification of advance level should be a prerequisite for a player to enter the Cameroon national team.