Thursday, March 10, 2016

List of the 27 Indomitable Lions called for the match agains S A. Oooooops!!!

 Hugo Broos, New Cameroon coach announces the 27 players on call against South African 26th march 2016.
 Checking out for your favourite player and can't find, do not be surprised he is at the mercy of football politics. Chill and be a fan from the 27 below

Goal Keepers :
 André Onana, 
Ndy Assembe,
 Fabrice Ondoa

Allan Nyom, 
Nicolas Nkoulou, 
Aurélien Chedjou, 
Henri Bedimo, 
Oyongo Bitolo, 
Adolphe Teikeu, 
Sébastien Bassong

Stéphane Mbia, 
Alexandre Song, 
Matip Marvin,
 Ngwem II Fils,
 Sébastien Siani, 
Tony Tchani, 
Landry Nguemo, 
Franck Kom,
 Dani Ndi.

Attackers :
 Aboubakar Vincent, 
Benjamin Moukandjo, 
Christian Bekamenga,
 Jacques Zoua,
Salli Edgar, 
Anatole Abang, 
Toko Ekambi.

While others a re baffled by the presence of A Song on the list, others are wondering what happened to Georges Kevin Koudou who was paid a visit by Fecafoot to request his joining of the national team. Others couldnt help but notice the absence of Njie Clinton , Fai Collins, Enow Eyong, Joel Matip. 

These players will start camping on the 21 of March, that will be exactly 5days from play day for players who have been playing in different teams, different play style, different environment, different climatic conditions. This time frame has been a major factor that contributes to the lack of a coherent play style displayed in Cameroon for the past years by the Lions. 


  1. I forsee no victory. Its really shit looking from the defence. Why is someone like A Song who shut the country on the face doing in the den? What does Bassong do there?? where are Njei Clintons and Fai Collins. I am just so worrried on the defence. Afterall its just an epitome of the country.

  2. From the look of things the list is not bad;for the presence of A song i see it necessary and the absence of Clinton yeah the guy has not been keeping it .any how Hugo should do his best with what those he has