Monday, March 7, 2016

The claws of Black Magic on African Football

Football is regarded by some stakeholders as a game of  natural Talents while others look at it as a display of protected talents. But there is no denying that football is a natural but tammed talent.
Africa is known for black magic, not just in football but in every aspect of life. Yes its part of our daily activities. Am not saying that the rest of the world is without their own type of mysticism; could be because its not done publicly as in Africa.

Oftenly you would hear a goal keeper say that when the ball was coming, it suddenly disappeared and he saw spears, an active player would start a match and after 5 minutes will have a cramp that can't permit him to play again, then a players leg will begin to swell out of presumably nothing or someone will play a local match and will lose to a leg to only God knows what, may be during a match a ready player is absent and can't explain why, falling oftenly in the field is the simplest of all. It all sounds funny, doesn't it? But i have heard all of these. They all look like excuses for failure to some, but to others there is more.

Have you ever watched a match during a tournament that is worth 100.000frs in your local neighbourhood? Most often than not, there is always this weird person moving around the field, making incantations with some very scary stuff in hand usually a woody stuff, wrapped in red. Then this other person whose area of duty is around the pole. Some times its hidden but most at times its done like a public display.

Then there is this other aspect of fortification. A night before a match, the players and their coaches go to the grave yard and spend the night there so as to fortify themselves. Yes this is very real. Some teams have a reputation for this. Have in mind that this baberious acts are put up during very local competitions, oftenly yearly tribal tournaments, interquater games and some professional teams.
A football fan based in South West Region and Littoral Region should have an idea of every form of mysterious practices during a football tournament.

Since officially players are not allowed in the field with items considered harmful, they go for the invisible black magic such as some bloody stuff to drink, some powder put into their bodies through blade blood cut and others through sacrifices of what we cant imagine. And then this question cames in. Why would a talented player want to seek black magic protection. An anonymous player told team TSHOF that among themselves as players, there is alot of jealousy. So some players go visit witch doctors to kill others' game, so that they can excel. Here using Black magic is preparing for the unforseen. Another school of thought holds that even among family members people aspire to frustrate or kill others. To others visiting a witch doctor for black magic is just a hobby or family routine check up prescribed by the ancestors and to others they just do it because others are doing it.

I was so baffled that i asked a coach if mysticism behind footbal is real. "Sysy tell me what you think happened to this most sought after player who after getting into elite 1 from a team's academy, went mad and only recovered after leaving the team?" Oooooops.  "Again Sysy tell me what you think is happening to a player who was not really spotted here in Cameroon, but when he went to belgium and was toping the league, he started having injuries every match day and never played for 6 months untill his contract was anulled. OF COURSE THERE IS ALOT OF MYSTICISM IN FOOTBALL" He concluded aloud. At this point i went frozen, i almost believed in what i dont know.
Then it occured to me that i had a friend whom any time he had an opportunity to go for a test match, he would be injured two weeks before then during training, i watched it happen thrice, talk less of the times i didnt know about.

Another school holds that the deaths that ocur in some teams are mysterous. For example the death of two players in Dynamo of Douala within three weeks in August 2015. 26 years old striker Loepold Angong Oben who died during a match and 27years old Ferdinand Mbog, goal keeper of same team who died of an unspecified illness. Why wouldnt players be scared? But is Black Magic the way out? A football fan said may be God is too slow to react.
Rumours even hold it that most of these African top players are loyal clients of the black magic houses and others put blames on families when things go wrong. This was the case where Adebayor while in Tottenham Spurs was allerged to have his mother of practising withcraft on him.

Is this African Legacy of Black Magic worth it?


  1. Ofcourse its worth is very worth it for reasons u've carefully presented above

  2. Very beautiful write up Sysy... the part where keepers will see spears instead of the ball got me rolling. I heard that so many times and it kept me wondering if that can be possible. I certainly disagree with this idea of them getting fortified before heading for a match. Just that most Africans believe so much in black magic which makes them rely on it for solutions.

    1. Yes lady D, Ii think that these guys just lack patience and ethics of the game. But all thesame its through hard work and prayers to God i believe

  3. No no no...its not lack of patience an ethics dears.Ok...check this out,my next door neighbour here in melong,Thiery,before now was playing for 'stade renal de melong' newly promoted to the LPF elite 2.Thiery happened to be one of the persons the teams success and ascend to second division football depended on.Now when they succeeded and the team announced a mass recruitment campaign many guys came from all over.The day before the test match Thiery came home fine,laughing and joking as usual but work up in the morning with a swollen foot.He was even able to limp to the hospital.Please dont tell me this is natural ok.The thing is players need to protect themselves from the unseen,am black and i can only but live as our forefathers did.Actually Gods time is the best but am afraid it comes rather

  4. Azel you just enlightened me about somethg similar that happened with my friend. I didn't believe in black magic until i started getting close to footballers. Trust me sysy our players need it

  5. Hahahahahahhahahaha, na was ooooooo. I think we should not discourage these guys from visiting what ever thing. Its part of our culture lol. This issue for injuries do bite my belle because my bro is a victim.

  6. I believe because the African man is RELIGIOUS and uses forces in all works of life. Magic comes because of scarcity. In Germany for instance a player at the 4th level of the Bundes Liga has enough money to pay rents and go on holidays. Magic therefore comes when the juicy chances are scarce, Remember when Karl Marx said Religion is the Opium of the masses. This makes especially an African man to believe in something when the good happens or the worst but I think being negative in mind set atimes will cause us even fall when we are still up. I remember when i started riding a bicycle i fell several times when the bike was still up. So I humbly ask the creators to believe in their Creator and stay positive.