Monday, March 7, 2016

Under-aged West African footballers "trafficked" to Laos like slaves

The last time i wrote about African footballers moving out of Africa under uncertainty. This is a spot light on that same topic as at july 2015. Below are pictures of 23 Under aged West African boys illegally recruited to Asia to play for Champasak United, southern city Pakse.

It has been claimed that Champasak United, a newly-formed club which plays in Laos’s top league, intends to profit by selling the players in future

In a clear breach of the world football governing body’s rules, the club has fielded overseas players as young as 14 and 15  years old in league games this season.
One 14-year-old player, Liberia’s Kesselly Kamara, who scored in a full league game, says he was forced into signing a six-year deal before playing for the senior team.

His contract promised him a salary and accommodation, but Kamara says he was never paid and had to sleep on the floor of the club’s stadium – as did the rest of the travelling party.

 “It was very bad because you can’t have 30 people sleeping in one room,” Kamara, who is now playing for a club back home in Liberia’s top league mentioned.

All those who travelled to join the “IDSEA Champasak Asia African Football Academy” did so after being invited by former Liberia international Alex Karmo, who captained the club at the time.
Young players gratefully accepted the invitation, since Liberia lacks a football academy of its own, despite being the only African country to have produced a Fifa World Footballer of the Year – George Weah in 1995.

Fifa is in contact with several member associations in order to gather all information to assess the matter and safeguard the interests of the minors.

Please guys lets jointly fight against this evil practices happening in the world of football now. These traffickers are killing our sons and brothers, nephews and uncles. Players! the only weapon to fight this is education. Get your selves informed and educated about the most important things you need to know about your career
Often work with your country's football federation to be sure you have first hand information about Credited agents and do not hesitate to ask questions. Please if you are in Cameroon and you doubt the credibility of any agent, please kindly go to our contact page and send an email or call the lines for verification. Also feel free to ask any questions regarding your career.


  1. It's a shame that most people don't believe these type of things really happen.We can protect our future stars be educating them and alerting on dangers like these traffickers.

  2. Quite a sad situation that such evil still happen in the world of football. How do they play well after sleeping on the floor. God save us. Players indeed need to be educated. It should be a priority for sports teachers in Primary schools and secondary schools to give basic hints to players during training.

  3. Its our job to educate these players. Please Sysy i really like what you are doing. You have a focus unlike others who wants to blog about the world which is impossible. Kudos gal.

  4. People oh, that salary is so laffable. Hmmmm guys you better stay home and play your interquatier

  5. Good job blogger. You made me laf and pour water on a colleague at work. I am familiar with all the different mafias in football but you just wrote it exceptionally interesting. Keep up the work. My advise the devil gives and takes back ten folds so avoid visiting these people as much as u can