Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why every footballer needs an Intermediary ( Agent)

(The word Agent will be used in this Article instead of Intermediary because a lot of people are getting confused with these two words. But it should be noted that FIFA annulled the existence of Agents. what exist now is intermediaries.)
Often Intermediaries (agents)  are regarded by various clubs with a mixed feeling: the timely
interventionists and the money suck-away. But the issue here is how do players look at agents. Mostly in the developed world, players consider agents as a necessary intermediary that can take them to the next step, but in the less developed world, especially Africa, some players look at these agents as career transformers, others look at them as the unwanted guys who gets the money while they do the job and others are completely clueless of the importance of an argent. Whichever way, everyone has factors affecting their reasoning: lack of education, experience, complex, ignorance, influence or society.
Agents are very important in the career of a footballer. Though an agent's key role remains what it has always been: to secure the best possible deal for his player when it comes to contract negotiations, in modern football, it goes far beyond that.  Main roles and duties of a football agent include:
Career management:
This is the primary function of every agent. Managing the career of his clients includes, Negotiating good contracts on players behalf, ensuring these players are in top form and performing, negotiating transfers, ensuring health safety.
Parental Role:
The modern agent often acts with parental concern for young footballers, many of whom have come from difficult backgrounds or quit the education system early, leaving them with few of the life skills required to deal with the unbelievable amounts of money thrown at them.  They go as far as ensuring family stability for these players as this means a lot to the performance of the players. These agents work close with wives and kids of players like in finding new schools for kids in transfer cases, making sure wives and family are updated.  This gives enough time for the player to concentrate

Financial planning:
This is very important as most of these players are clueless about banking and finance, investment choices, spending choices and insurance issues. As an agent, his job is to make sure that your weekly or bi-weekly wages is well managed because most football careers rarely last more than 15years, then they stop earning the millions the do each week, yet they have the same bills coming, after all they are used to a particular lifestyle. A good agents job is to make wise investment choices that can support a footballer after retirement. (Note that some prematurely retire)
Sponsorship and marketing opportunities
Here the agent is responsible for creating new opportunities for the players to be seen and known for their performance which will eventually attract sponsorship. This is being able to manage the image rights of clients, how much of his clients image rights should be handed to the club and how much should his clients reserve, Decisions on which adverts should he go in. Image rights is a very important source of income for football stakeholders and if agents succeed in negotiating a good deal of image rights, then it is a source of leverage for the player
Public relations:
 This role is also vital as the each media wants to be the most sought after by making interesting vibes. Sometimes some players are misunderstood by the world may be by what they say, or do. These agents work ceaselessly to ensure that broken public relations are mended. They prepare their clients for press conferences, interviews and TV appearances and guide them on how to handle scandals.
Disciplinary issues:
One of the most important aspects of football is discipline; unfortunately Cameroon is not a role model. Adhering to football rules and regulations and societal norms is very important to the career of a footballer. These agents therefore put in place actions that motivates their client to avoid the usual vices such as, disrespecting match officials, fighting, anger, gambling, womanizing, and alcoholism.
A professional career is so short that players need to maximize what time they have – that’s where the agent comes in. Finding the best opportunities for their client, and making the best of it.
Now that you know, if someone claims to be your agent and he can’t do the above mentioned for you, then he is not your agent, he is your God-father. It is high time we started acting right.


  1. Great work Sysy,thanks for the info...its really a rich piece.Agents are very important especially when it comes to careers like that of cr7,messi and all these elite the game knows today.That then helps them to concentrate on the game itself so that the cheques keep coming.Wow,that makes life easy !

  2. Glad reading from your thought provoking post Sysy. You have well illucidated and brought out many things which I for one was ignorant of. We candidly have god-fathers in Cameroon football and other team or individual sports who only come in at the time when Finances are to be at the table. It is quite unfortunate that this really still happens but I think this blog should be a must recommended to all faootballers and football lovers.