Monday, April 18, 2016

The Qualifiers of the Feminine African Nations Cup in Cameroon Known

It is been a tough tussle between the African women in football, every one trying to represent their countries in the upcoming African Nations Cup in Cameroon coming November 19 to December 03.
Seven countries have come up to join the host Country Cameroon to Contest for the Cup. The Egyptians are so exited to be a part of this competition which they haven't played for the past 18 years.
The Participants of CAN FEMININE includes
Equatorial Guinea
South Africa

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Title of Limbe Football Stadium Raises Criticism

The new stadium in Limbe was welcomed with a lot of Euphoria as this was the first of its kind in Limbe and as was the most beautiful and standard stadium in the whole of Cameroon. But the naming of the stadium as "Omnisport" was greeted with mixed feelings. While others think that it was yet another display of "Frenchism" others do not ever care.
Talking to the public, the proposed names like
"Limbe Stadium"
"Victoria stadium"
"stadium of Friendship" as the town is the town of friendship
"Stade des anglo"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Football in Cameroon Rather widens the gap in Regional Equality

Cameroonians have been craving for a better football setting in Cameroon for decades now. It could only get better when CAF offered support as Cameroon prepares to host African Nation's Cup for the women. The Yaounde Fandena, and the 2 support stadiums
around it were obvious beneficiaries.
It was announced the construction of three stadiums in Yaounde. We all are exited to have these fields as there shall be of standards but we are just getting worried that Cameroon in the nearest years will be found in Yaounde and not the other way round. This announcement  has invited alot of criticisms rather than appreciation. While others are of the opinion that Football in Cameroon is showing a glearing divide in the country others just think Cameroon had always been centralised
Now this the issue people,

We are supposedly a nation of 10 united regions. We are suppose to be striking a balance in developement not try to increase the already existing gap.

Ngoundere Municipal stadium

Main field in North West Region
when these fields are constructed in Yaounde, it will have 4 major pitches and 2 minor but professional pitches and all the technical centers. making the center region opened to atleast 8 well infrastructured football facilities while most of the regions do not even have 1 near-professional pitch.

The government plays an active role in the frustrations of football in Cameroon. Cameroon football lacks the beauty the game comes along with. To foster equality in development, Every region in the country should have a well paved field with atleast 30,000 seats. To create a balance in the development of the game and the beneficiaries of its potentials, during each match played by the National teams at the various levels, there should be a rotation from one region to another. To create sustainable football infrastructure, each region should be in charge of maintenance and innovation of its facilities.
Benefits of implementing this
Football is not just a game of entertainment but a game that fosters tolerance, unity, Equality and promotes gender balance. When this role is implemented, it will bridge the seemingly increasing divide in Cameroon. Cameroonians will see it as efforts to create a balance improvement and decentralization
The people will also look at it as empowering different regions to be in charge of their own development and maintenance to ensure that it transcends through generation.
This will be an economic opening to every region in Cameroon. Imagine the money made from sales of fan articles and beverages, transportation and lodging facilities. There is also much money made from sales of tickets which is supposed to be managed at the level of each region
Creation of employment: constructing good football fields means employment of the citizens in the domains of maintenance, security, management, tourism among others.
Enhancing the beauty of the town. Mostly the beauty of a town is known by the extra ordinary structures and sites it has. These fields will make the host town beautiful and infrastructural development

It is also an opportunity for the  leisure and tourism sector of each region to grow

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cameroon Top footballers and swag: Who is your favourite?

These are the top players who have not only made a name for themselves in football but in style
1 for Samuel Eto'o
2 for Rigobert Song
3 for Tchoupou Moting
4 for A Song

Thursday, April 7, 2016

What the People think about the new coach of Cameroon National Football team, Hugo Broos (give your opinion)

I earlier wrote an article on Hugo Broos' Profile and it raised a lot of controversies as to why Cameron will hire someone with "Sacked" history. While others clearly held on to the positive achievements of Hugo, others were bent on being against the fact that he was jobless for some time and had a history of premature termination due to low performance. Some were like "Why do we believe in the power of white men more than in the empowerment of our black men"?
It got worst when the list of the called players for Cameroon Vs South Africa came out and people were worried why a man who destroyed the image of Cameroon in world football was called? Why some players like Njie Clinton, Kameni Carlos was not called.?
Then came the confusing time for some fans when the two match days list of first 11 was so disturbing
Then some players who were called didn't even show up...
The bottom line is Cameroon is first in its pool.

Broos is new,just two matches,two points...much about his tactics are yet to be discovered,
But lets hope he's the real person commanding in the dressing room
Because here we never know if its the minister,the FA,the coach or team captain
(Azel B, Loum-Littoral) 

what i think about the coach is that from the first two matches where he drew, he can do better.
He just need to understand his players
(Mugri N,  Military Unit, Maroua)

well the match in limbe was terrible at the same time not bad.because it was the first.but in SA he corrected alot of things. 1st in how many countries have u seen the captain of a team on the bench? 2nd .he knows dat to win you need the youth. The only thing bad for me now is the system of play
(Joseph E., Footballer in the Cameroon football league)

As for me i can say that he is good coach just from the two matches that i watch
My main problem is that when he is calling players to come play he should call people are willing and fit to come play
All we just need is to give him time to build his team
(Abuna D, Footballer in Cameroon league)

Feel free and tell us what you think about the new coach.

Ever wonder what happens to the energy generated by a kick, pass or dribble in Football? Read This

Energy can be defined as the ability to do work. In every action completed by us everyday uses energy. Although often in small forms, still uses energy. But as the Conservation of Energy Law states that energy can not be created or destroyed. We ask ourselves, if energy can't be created or destroyed then where does the energy we used go or come from? Well, energy can be found in many different forms. So when it appears as though the energy used in our bodies to kick a soccer ball is gone, we know it isn't  it has merely just changed forms.

In the sport of soccer energy comes in all different forms. It begins as chemical energy in our bodies, being used in every action we make. Then once we take that energy and kick the ball a very small amount transfers to thermal energy because of the friction between the grass and the ball. Another small amount is transferred to sound energy so we get that iconic sound of a soccer ball being kicked. However the main transfer of energy goes to kinetic energy because after the ball takes off it soars through the air. Directly at the peak of the parabolic path the ball is traveling with it makes its next energy transfer. This time to gravitational potential energy, at the maximum height for the ball it will have the most gravitational potential energy because at this time the main force acting upon the ball is gravity. Once the ball starts on its decent back to the ground the energy changes again to kinetic energy because the ball is in motion. Lastly when the ball lands back on the ground there is a small energy transfer to sound energy for that thump of the ball hitting the ground, but most of the energy transfers to thermal where the friction from the grass on the ball, slows the ball to a stop.

Ever wonder what happens to the energy generated by a kick, pass or dribble? Although I’ve always been an avid soccer (football) fan I can’t say that this thought has ever crossed my mind, but fortunately that was not the case for 4 girls in an engineering class who came up with this brilliant idea. They call it a sOccket and are currently finalizing this soccer ball of the future. The ball absorbs the energy of impact, stores it and later makes the energy available to power a light bulb, charge a cell phone, or well, you get the idea. The ball has already been piloted in South Africa and further development is being funded by the youth humanitarian program at the Clinton Global Initiative. This kind of energy would offer an alternative to kerosene lamps, which are frequently used in developing countries and can be harmful to one’s health.