Thursday, April 7, 2016

What the People think about the new coach of Cameroon National Football team, Hugo Broos (give your opinion)

I earlier wrote an article on Hugo Broos' Profile and it raised a lot of controversies as to why Cameron will hire someone with "Sacked" history. While others clearly held on to the positive achievements of Hugo, others were bent on being against the fact that he was jobless for some time and had a history of premature termination due to low performance. Some were like "Why do we believe in the power of white men more than in the empowerment of our black men"?
It got worst when the list of the called players for Cameroon Vs South Africa came out and people were worried why a man who destroyed the image of Cameroon in world football was called? Why some players like Njie Clinton, Kameni Carlos was not called.?
Then came the confusing time for some fans when the two match days list of first 11 was so disturbing
Then some players who were called didn't even show up...
The bottom line is Cameroon is first in its pool.

Broos is new,just two matches,two points...much about his tactics are yet to be discovered,
But lets hope he's the real person commanding in the dressing room
Because here we never know if its the minister,the FA,the coach or team captain
(Azel B, Loum-Littoral) 

what i think about the coach is that from the first two matches where he drew, he can do better.
He just need to understand his players
(Mugri N,  Military Unit, Maroua)

well the match in limbe was terrible at the same time not bad.because it was the first.but in SA he corrected alot of things. 1st in how many countries have u seen the captain of a team on the bench? 2nd .he knows dat to win you need the youth. The only thing bad for me now is the system of play
(Joseph E., Footballer in the Cameroon football league)

As for me i can say that he is good coach just from the two matches that i watch
My main problem is that when he is calling players to come play he should call people are willing and fit to come play
All we just need is to give him time to build his team
(Abuna D, Footballer in Cameroon league)

Feel free and tell us what you think about the new coach.

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