Friday, May 27, 2016

FECAFOOT, Just another political Unit: Publicly Endorsing Biya for Re-Election

 Just recently Cameroonian have pulled updifferent shows on who their next candidate 2018 elections is. Fecafoot which we know as individual body that has nothing to do with politics got their objectives mixed up in a meeting held in Buea to talk about football dvelopment and prepare for the Qualifiers on-going.
It was a surprise to many who had shown up at the general assembly meeting of the National Football Federation, Fecafoot, when all 72 members endorsed a motion of support calling on president Paul Biya to run for another term in the next presidential election.
So shocking it was that the observers who trooped in their numbers to watch how members of the football governing body deliberate on issues to upgrade Cameroon’s football, were confused on whether to clap on that initiative or jeer at the move. Many were seen fidgeting whether Fecafoot has become another arm of the CPDM party. The motion which was drafted at the end of the meeting was overwhelmingly supported by the members on argument that Biya is best candidate to protect the interest of sports in the country.

The general assembly took place in Buea, Southwest Region, Monday 21st March, with Tombi A’roko chairing, flanked by Charles Mbela Moki who is vice president and a host of others.  
While others called it misplaced priority others did mention that football is purely political in Cameroon.

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