Saturday, May 7, 2016

Football and Rituals: The god of football definitely must be appeased

Very recently, Cameroon witnessed the inauguration of two 20.000 capacity stadiums, the Limbe and Baffousam stadiums. The one common thing that happened during the inauguration of these stadiums was the rituals or traditional rights put up by  the local chiefs of the municipality.
Incantations were made by these chiefs in different languages and libations poured
A German watching th Limbe Libations admitted to have enjoyed the tradition but also made it clear as to how scary that could be. He also pointed out that "this is certainly why African Players move around with fetish things, they are being decieved into thinking that football is a game of mystery, I have seen them a lot in Germany and France loosing their opportunities because of the kind of things they want to carry around" 

To some, the local chiefs are just doing their job: Cleansing the land and giving their blessings for the initiative but to others why only football stadium? why not involve the ultimate person who blesses even the chiefs, God to be the sole guardian of football stakeholders  
"I have attended stadium inauguration in Ghana, Togo and Nigeria, i didn't witness any rituals, here we had different chiefs from different villages saying different things. its a whole lot of conflict on interest" said a football consultant.

Apparently the god of football must be appeased.

Do you believe in Football mystery that must be appeased through traditional rituals
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