Saturday, May 14, 2016

Funeral Programme of Patrick Ekeng Spaks Criticism

Without waiting for the conclusions of the investigation and  autopsy to know the causes of the tragic death of Cameroonian midfielder of Dinamo Bucharest,Patrick Ekeng, the deceased’s family  have decided to bury him as quickly as possible.
After several meetings,his  parents have fixed the 14th and 15th May 2016 for the funeral of Patric Ekeng. The lifeless body of the now former Indomitable Lion is expected on Saturday, May 14th at the Yaounde International Airport Nsimalen, from Romania where he died during a match on the night of Friday, May 6 .A vigil is scheduled for dressing room of the sports Palace of Yaounde before burial Sunday,on May 15, 2016 at Ngousso in Yaounde, the neighborhood where grew the former star of the Canon sportif.

The decision to bury Patrick Ekeng less than ten days after his death. while much remains unclear about the causes of his sudden death,this does not go down well with everyone. There are voices asking that the funeral of Patrick Ekeng be postponed.

 The following reasons are attributed to the discontent of well wishers
His club will  be playing the final of the Romanian Cup on May 17, which means that if he is buried May 14, none of his team

mate will  be present at the burial funeral if the club wishes to be honored at this final, at least his wife and child must be present certainly they will still be in Cameroon.
secondly Dinamo have said they want to put the trophy by the grave of Patrick Ekeng. It would be nice they get off the plane with the coffin and possibly the famous trophy.

Thirdly Ekeng Patrick is a player of the national team of Cameroon, the Indomitable Lions. Very few members of the national team have already completed their league. So many will be absent.

Fourthly The Congress of FIFA ends on the 13th in Mexico City which is some distance away if the President of the Fécafoot and some personalities Fécafoot are to attend, not to mention other people present at the conference who may be  affected by the death. It will be a miracle for  them to be in Cameroon on May 14th.


  1. Oh my world, serious lack of respect but any ways let him rest

  2. Oh oh oh,there is really need for that burial program to be modified