Friday, May 27, 2016

Maxime Nana, the Master of Football Business signs Dylan Mboumboni in Olympique lyonnais.

Ever heard of Maxime Nana?

Maxime is one of the biggest Intermediary in Africa who has mastered the business of football to his fingertips. Have an idea of what French football will be without Cameroon players?, then you may also want to know that his network covers all of the French league and has accounted for the signing of approximately a half of African players in the French clubs.

Now it gets serious.
Each time players of the National team are convoqued, at least 5 of Nana's players are always present
do the following names sound familiar to you?
Nicolas Nkoulou,
Vincent Aboubakar,
Benjamin Moukandjo,
Edgar Salli,
Gérôme Guihota,
Ekeng Ekeng  of late
 Nlaté Ekongolo
These are just some of the players under the jurisdiction of Maxime Nana. His mastery of the game is clear, his grasp and influence in  International football too is so very clear too

He recently signed Dylan Mboumboni a French born player in Olympique lyonnais. This talented and hard working player displayed undeniable talents that earned him a prestigeous and the most looked-for contract at the age of 20. This defender measures 1.82m and looks forward to Brilliant and long career.

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