Saturday, May 14, 2016

Natural disaster or Rituals; the Omnisport stadium construction Collapse. Make your opinion

The collapse of the Omnisport stadium earth work has attracted a lot of people saying different things. It was reported that one person died and two others seriously injured. There is a school of though that holds that every official as in state construction work ends up with sacrifices being made to the gods ranging from construction of bridges, roads and housing.
Another school of thought suggest that it is the usual mafia that works with government cheap bidder contractors who take the money and fail to do a good job thereby causing a collapse.
This other crazy school of thought suggest that it is Karma catching up with Cameroon as they have dispute with the land owners
Then this other school says its just a natural disaster


  1. Hahahhhhahahahhahahahahaha... my version is that it was deliberate so that CAF should suspend Cameroon from hosting since we will not be

  2. dear Azel, i like you already. Infact thats the shool of thought i belong to, Cameroon is still to greedy to host any thing. they want to use fake materials and chop money. CAF should watch out before that field carries people and kill. esp as our dear blogger will be there live

    1. Anonymous,fear cameroon and theatrics

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