Sunday, May 8, 2016

See how host country(Romania) and home country(Cameroon) handles the loss of Patrick Ekeng

Patrick Ekeng was a midfielder with Cameroonian nationality born in Yaounde and played for Canon de Yaounde and eventually for the Cameroon National team. Before giving up the ghost Patrick played in Romania for Dinamo Bucharest as a midfielder.
These obviously are two countries that meant a lot to Patrick but what we are wonderng is if Patrick meant alot to both countries.
 Matches  were called off in Romania after Dinamo Bucharest midfielder of Cameroon nationality died. Candles lit every where with beautiful flowers in memory of Patrick
Back home in Cameroon, the football governing officials acknowledge his death on social media and life is going on as usual
some say its because he didnt die defending his country's intergrity while others say our governing bodies are stil that greedy, and selfish. 
No matter how any organisation mourns you Patrick, we all love you in our hearts
Please share your views as to how Patrick has been mourned around the world


  1. I am not surprised at all at what our dubious fedration has done. They are so selfish, the only thing they are good at is putting up a real fight that disturbs the whole neighbourhood of tsinga. Fecafoot is a disgrace, come and see big men in coats and agwada fighting infront of fecafoot building right into the road and causing traffic.
    This Poor boy battled for Cameroon at some point and proudly represented Cameroon.
    Just to hold on a week or two of league activities they cant but am so ashamed to say that we are in a country where we pay tribute to poor infrastructure than to patriotic Camerooninas.
    Patrick they might have not honourd you but as SYSY says we are honouring you in out hearts
    i opt to give cameroon football federation a free seminar on uhhhhhhhh, that should be everything

  2. true enough i was so surprised at how Cameroon football feredation reacted as opposed to Romania. Romania is just host but Cameroon is home. Heros are not just those who die in the north fighting boko haram.weare all messed up in this web

  3. It's a shame Cameroon hasn't done better as yet. What about his kid and pregnant widow? What becomes of them? I pray the government really does something for Patrick's family. RIP Patrick.

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