Thursday, May 12, 2016

See how many footballers have died within 8days in early May 2016 .Unbelievable

Death in football may not be a common topic discussed on TV or papers but it is a reality that if you look into it, you will be terrified. The world has lost football icons who either died in the field or at hospital but from football related cause. This causes ranges from Heart attacks, collision, to lightening strokes. Just in May 2016, Cameroon has witnessed a very tragic loss of 2 of its players but also its not mid May and the world has recorded  the loss of 4 players

1 May 2016  Stefan Petrovski
Melaka UnitedStruck by lightning while training on 5 April, died in hospital.
6 May 2016 Patrick Ekeng           26 Dinamo BucureČ™ti Collapsed in a match against FC Viitorul ConstanČ›a seven minutes after came on from the bench and was taken to hospital, where he died less than two hours later
7 May 2016 Bernardo Ribeiro 26 Friburguense Brazilian footballer for Friburguense collapsed during a friendly match before being taken to a hospital, where he died of a suspected heart attack
9 May 2016 Jeanine Christelle Djomnang 26 Femina Stars Ebolowa, Cameroon national team Camaroonian goolkeeper, collapsed during her warm-up before a match in Cameroon. She died of a suspected heart attack

 No death had been recorded in 2016 untill May. It should also be noted that the month of May 2015 recorded 4 deaths while the year 2010 tops the record with 9 players reported death


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