Sunday, June 12, 2016

Alexandre Song: worst dressed player In the World! (Pictures and publication reviews), a Football reporting website described Alexandre as the first on the list of worst dressed players. Unbelievable, he comes before Lionel Messi. His position as first worst dressed player was complimented "He has been  seen wearing shoes that light up.Enough said"
Alex song worst dressed footballer respects every ones opinion when they decide to make a name for what they wear but says " But Alex, Come on, mate, Whats all that about? what colour is it, THOSE SUNGLASSES?"
Alex song worst dressed footballer celeberated A songs birthday with a worst dressed footballer contest which turned out that the birthday boy came first in this context before Dani Alves and Lionel Messi. "One of the serial Offenders when it comes to crimes against fashion..." said this glamour website.
Alex song worst dressed footballer says A Song is the worst dressed Player since 1970

Going through the 15 worst dressed players published by, Kasper strugar a follower of the website said "How come Alex Song is not on this list, he is the worst dressed man alive" and guess what, he was reserved as the main guest of honour for the worst dressed footballer show. says it again below

Below are some fan comments on A Songs fashion sense
Alex song worst dressed footballer

The most interesting part of this is that Song runs a clothing line and his wife Olivia is a fashion designer described by many as 'a failure in fashion', 'money miss road'. Well God has a way of bringing people together and besides Olivia is just Alex's missing rib.

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  1. This is very true. I have seen A SONG on holidays herewith his yellow sport bike with TCHAKAP written all over it like a babys xmas toy. My nephew even told she would want that for her birthday at Nlongkak during veterans meet up. Shit men, am vexed because its everywhere that Cameroonians do not know how to dress

  2. Hihihihihi Cemeroonians unna de represent na. that guy na really a donkey in human clothing especially in that his baby diper jean top and baby pampers white shirt. I rate the worst ever existing player. Befoe i forget i di follow you as from today on instagram Alex u don die for my hand as you don fall my hand. #fear, #fashionserialkiller, #mumuswaga. You even misrepresent Africa for Brazil with elbow thing. your ancestors deh punish you na with worst dressd player awards. Oya take am raise your hand up, make i thro you toilet roll fireworks

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