Friday, June 10, 2016

Bikutsi star Lady Ponce and Cameroon international footballer Rigobert Song. Gist

Lady ponce - rigobert song
I guess these two look very great together. Rigobert Song who has played for the Cameroon national team over the years until retirement. He has been team captain too of the national team and is known for his patriotic and physical defense of his country.
Then meet Lady Ponce, the Bikutsi singer who has made a name internationally for unique Crazy and soul songs.
They both have gone international, why shouldn't they mingle. These two have been rumoured for having a serious relationship. Glaringly  this closeness does not just look like a friendly one.Given that we all know that Lady Ponce has a "thing" for them footballers, one can easily conclude....Still looking into this. Will bring you all the gist

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