Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cameroon Actress Syndy Emade patners with Barack Obama's daughter, Talia to Promote African Talents

Syndy Emade ad Talia Obama

Emade Syndy is one of the popular and talented actresses in Cameroon. She is also a producer. Have you watched or are you watching Bad Angel or Rumble on CRTV,  the beautiful lfair lady,with impeccable skills and flawless acting, the very calm and focused lady, ah ha, you got it.
Obama Talia is the older daughter of Barrack Obama popular reffered to as president of the world. Talia is 17 years old but has got the drive of developing the talents of her part-origin, Africa.
Syndy and Talia jointly name their center "SYNDYLIA TALENTS EXPLOITATION CENTER" which will be operating in four Regions of Africa, Cameroon for Central Africa, Ghana for West Africa, Kenya for East Africa and Tunisia for Malgrebian Africa
Talia during an interview on CNN, acknowledge the drive Syndy has for Entertainment and how much it is going to help them grow the center.
They also attested to the fact that STEC will work together with other Youth empowerment programs.

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