Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Empire TV Series. Hakeem's girl friends: The battle to be the Queen of the Empire just began, Who's gonna win?

Hakeem the talented rapper and the baby aspirant to own the Empire plays his role in the series Empire so well that the ladies wouldn't let him be.

Tiana and Hakeem (Takeem)
Is it Tiana,? the talented and Beautiful pop singer whose career does not only make a name for her but cash for her. Her pushfulness and show-show also earns a good grip on the profession but unfortuntaely for her, Love is not on her side. But guess what T is ready to take it fro Laura by hook or by crook.
Anika and Hakeem

Is it Anika: This sexy gold digger has had some few moments of pleasure mixed with pain with her fiance's son who happens to be Hakeem and as smart as she is, she uses all in her disposal to produce an heir to the Empire, including killing the rightful heir and now all she wants its for her child to be treated well by the father who happens to be her ex-fiance's son
Camilla and Hakeem

You may wanna try Camilla: She is the hottest Diva who is promising Hakeem the key descision making position in return for betrayal. Dubiously, she is a hot Lesbian whose wide is a guru in need of the Empire too. She is a cheat and disloyal husband and a treacherous girlfriend too. too hot to leave. She owns a fashion legacy and more. Hakeem seemingly cand cope with an Idi Ami like figure around but he is just a baby.
Laura and Hakeem

Laura is this sexy Latino who from first sight seems very talented but her talents cant earn her a decent career. Behold Hakeem proposes to the seemingly naive lead singer whose on Tiana black list.
All she wants is to be a good wife even if Hakeem were not the king of the Empire

Dont forget Hakeem is expecting to be a father soonest and is taking up to his responsibilities while engaged to Laura, he has his ex-Tiana to handle too. By the ways where a hell is Camilla the old lesbain, she has reduced the choice equation for you. Lucious Lyon, Hakeems father took care of her

Who will win this battle.


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