Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Guido Molina, Colombian Actor to Visit Cameroon for a stage musical

Guido Molina
Cameroonians are so exited to have Guido Molina, the Colombian theater actor and director compliment and share his wide international experience in the upcoming stage musical in July.
Guido Molina started studying Theatre Arts since 1991 and began performing on stage, cinemas and TV since 1994. His wide and international experience then tripled his role in theater Arts as Actor, Director and Teacher since 2005. The elegant actor has also been involved in and has organised workshops for Vocal Techiques, Acting. Acting direction. Acting techniques, Contemporary Dance and Staging among others.
He recently directed 7 stage plays , the last being in Rochester school, Bogota.

He has also performed as actor in 22 Theatrical plays in comedies, tragedies and classics
When it comes to TV, Guido is the king of performances as he has acted in 26 TV Series Sitcoms, Soaps, Comedies and the most talked about international series, the latin version of "Breaking Bad" called "Metastasis" in Spanish
He has played main roles in 4 movies
Guido MolinaThe last 10 years in Guido's life has been the most fulfilled years of his life as he took on working for public and private schools as theatre teacher in Colombia but his main interest is to work with different communities to empower them to use Theatre as a tool to change the world.
His project "Blows to the Soul" was selected in 2013 by Weltfime in Germany as one of the best ideas and social projects around the world. watch the video at the end of this article

His visit to Cameroon he explains is to share his experiences with the Cameroonians and also learn from the crew of talented Cameroonians selected to take part in live changing stage musical. It is a rewarding life experience for Guido and his Musician friend Fernando Pardo to visit Africa, Cameroon in particular.
Joining this Musical Project is also a crew from Germany led by Mr Neef  Wilheim who has been carrying on development projects in Cameroon for over 20 years.

Guido Molina

This stage musical shall be performed in Bamenda in July.
sysysblog shall bring to you all the gleets and glamour of this musical
We wish you a warm stay here Cameroon Guido
stick around and have the times of your life with sysysblog dear readers

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