Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet the Hottest and Talented Cameroonian home-base player: Bongnyang Fernando

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Bongnyang Fernando often described as the swagga and talented guy by fans of Cameroon football plays for Coton Sport de Garoua. The defensive midfielder has played for several teams in Cameroon such as Young Sport Academy and Cotton Sport de Garoua both teams  laureates of the Cameroon Cup title. His drive, discipline, technique and skills in footbal has earned him several convocations in the National U23 and A Prim(home based national team). It is worth Noting that he has also been Captain of the A Prim where he led the team in Malabo to the quarter finals
Last football season as a defensive midfielder, he scored 7 goals in 27 matches.
He is not just talented in playing football, but he has also been noted for being one of the few players who wants to put it best on their body and knows how to carry himself about. Fernando says he learns from the best while being himself.
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Bongnyang FernandoBongnyang Fernando

Bongnyang Fernando

Bongnyang Fernando

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  1. I can see the lions coming back to form. Kudos to the couch. Those players that are too proud should be kept out. And if the couch denounce bribery we shall go far as before.