Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cameroonian Celebrity tears another calender today. Happy Birthday Sony Omar


Cameroonian model, actor and entrepreneur, Sony Omar has hit another "life jackpot" this year with remarkable successes and he says he owes it all to God almighty for letting him add one more year to his life.
Ladies put your self together before going through these pics else you won't be making it to the next level with your boyfriend BUT I got both good and bad news  for you ladies, which one do you prefer first? In my experience people go for the bad news first. Omar's cuisine will intimidate  you into paying  for back door cooking lessons at the Hiltons. The good news is, he is not married, very entreprenuerial, sexy, talented, and comprehensive.
Happy belated Birthday Omar. You Rock






Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#1: Why men don't like to talk about marriage. Read & have fun, make your opinion.

Hello Everybody,
You are welcome to this first piece of social life and our topic today is "Why Men don't like to talk about marriage". Ladies most of you must have experience very sad moments when you just admired a wedding gown in a movie and it ruined your dinner date, or may be you smiled at a just wedded couple and your man abandoned you in the drive way, could have been that guy who broke up with you because you started talking about marriage often. Y'all must have sat down for hours trying to find answers, Here together with the guys we will figure out why they do not like to talk about marriage.

The first reason why Men do not like to talk about marriage is that they are scared of losing their freedom. Them guys love the feeling of being out on a hang out with friends and not have to think of coming back home not drunk and not to worry about what time they come back home. They just don't wanna grow up from bringing home a bunch of girls, they wanna wake up every morning brush their teeth and dumb their toothbrushes in the pen case on the table without anyone having to tell them all the times to be orderly. Others wanna be free to work late hours, have business dinners with who ever, and hustle without being worried of always keeping up with the husband thing.

Men are scared of losing friends. They understand that marriage is a full time commitment and would wanna live it to the end, but no just yet. How will they shone away that best childhood friend who is the best game mate that would-be wives hate because they are a distraction.? They obvious don't want to miss those devious friends who have helped keep their life time secrets. Just not ready yet to leave those female friends that would-be wives don't wanna see.

Men are scared of horrible divorces. Some men are victims of the disastrous and monstrous effects
of divorces: ladies playing smart on their husbands, divorcing and leaving them with nothing, suicidal effects of separated families, negative feed back from official duties and circles. The thought of all these scare the men to death.

The fear of being a Father. ladies you might have  gone visiting your aunt with your boyfriend and his mood changed when you carried your aunt's baby. You probably are experiencing the worst confusion of your life because when your nieces and nephews are around on holidays, your boyfriend comes around more often to play with them, take them out for ice cream but when you just dare to mention about settling down and having a family on your own, you are abandoned in a shopping mall. It might get worst when your own man beats the neighbour's kids for trespassing; they are scared neighbour's kids will arouse your anxiety for babies. when some men just imagine their sweet night sleep interrupted by babies, they go mad, or they even imagine giving birth to imbeciles or baby's poo everywhere. This really scares them from marriage

sysysblog is a collective success, therefore guys please tell us why you do not like to talk about marriage while the ladies tell us why they think their men give them cold shoulders on marriage talks. your opinion is appreciated please use the comment space below

Sunday, August 28, 2016

SCAM REPUBLIQUE: Cameroonian-Brazilian-American hit movie already trending before release

scam republique

scam republiqueScam Republique is a coming of age crime drama set in a unique and volatile African sub culture. At times raw and violent, at other times touching and true, the lives of Kwesi and Niko (Played by Sony Omar and Felix Kiloso) are woven together in universal themes of love, loss, kinship and redemption. Niko is a young loaf-around, his best friend Kwesi, is his polar opposite, hardworking and pragmatic. Both of these young men struggle to find employment in a harsh environment. When Niko’s mother suddenly becomes ill the duo team up on a get rich quick scheme which leads to disastrous results. Niko and Kwesi fall into a world of robbery and gang warfare. In one horrifying scene after another the high stakes action heats up.

This unbeatable thriller is being shot in Brazil, Cameroon and the U S. This production is a web of great minds some of whom are the industry's international big names, Produced by Kenneth Ngwa and directed by Brazil's best in the business, Marco Matheus.

sony Umar
Interesting to know is the fact one of the lead actors Sony Omar (Kwesi) owns one of the trendy media houses in Cameroon Called AFRIKBLAAK which deals in the production of short movie, clothing, Music among others. The most inspiring thing  about AFRIBLAAK is their "giving back to the community" values clearly demonstrated in the existence of AFRIBLAAK FOUNDATION. 
With all these talents and resources put up into the SCAM REPUBLIQUE, you can be sure that your expectation will be 'over-met'. This movie production is already finished but not released, yet it has already attracted the interest of international movie corporations and personalities who can not wait to savor this delicious piece.
Every detail of this movie will be brought to you by sysysblog.

scam republique

Cameroonian Musician SETA BEATS signs a 4years contract worth 65.000.000FRS,

SETA BEATS and Pyramide enterntainment
Cameroonian Musician  SETA BEATS just signed a hit contract with the new label Pyramide Entertainment.  This contract was signed friday 26 August 2016 between the CEO of Pyramide Entertainment and the magic music maker SETA BEATS. The four years contract worth a whooping sum of 65.000.000, 25000000 upfront payment was signed at the Pyramid entertainment head quarters in Yaounde. SETA’s hit track "Bagando" set the pace for a music career one can already describe as fruitful. It is worth noting that this new record label, Pyramid Entertainment has signed a deal with RealTouch a media house with West African headquarters in Nigeria and Central African headquarters in Douala.
Cameroon's entertainment industry s definitely moving
SETA BEATS and Pyramide enterntainment

SETA BEATS and Pyramide enterntainment

SETA BEATS and Pyramide enterntainment


Friday, August 26, 2016

Cameroon's trendy Artist, Maxy Divine to release his 1st Album 27th August 2016 in Limbe.

Cameroon's entertainment industry is making a name thanks to the wonderful talents of these Cameroon Hustlers. Maxy Divine is a popular name in the music industry now as his hit single "Hustle" raised the appetite for many. This upcoming artist is releasing his first album  titled "Hustle"on the 27th of August 2016 in Limbe at the prestigeous Frenchys hall downbeach Limbe. This is a great way for any one to spend a week end so full of energy.
Guest Artist during this show will include Erico Jumbos and BlaisE B
The show starts at 8pm
contacts: 6788 74275

Live from Hilton: Premier of Yenkong's Cross ready for 7pm today

Am sure by now you should be running to the dry cleaners to pick your dazzling red carpet outfit, or probably you are at Vicky Couture trying to get your "who are you wearing tonight?" Better still you are on looking for a date tonight, could be you scrolling  on your phone up and down looking for tonight's partner. Then i see these other set of long distance people glued to their laptops and phones waiting for updates from sysysblog. You are all doing the right thing.
The VIP hall is ready for the show and of course the VIP pick up driver just mentioned "Am highly on duty now, the Celebrities are going for snacks somewhere, excuse me"
So everyone sit tight while i bring you the gleets and glamour.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Red Carpet Premier of the movie YENKONG'S CROSS at Hilton Hotel Yaounde. Proudly Cameroon!

Complaining everyday that you have this hottest red carpet dress and no event to wear it to?, this is a unique opportunity for you to spare your search efforts and save your energy.
Yenkong's Cross is one of the few 2016 movie productions that Cameroonians have bowed before it's intrique, and thrill. This movie is directed by one of the most sought after Cameroonian directors LT NJECK, whose pieces of work has succeeded in growing the apetite for Cameroon movies.
We also have the industry's big names starring such as Cosson Chinepoh, Ngwafor Roselyn, Sende Bende and Boma Mercy.
Join the moving train on August 26th at Hilton Hotel Yaounde to watch impressions while making impressions.
Be ready to follow your favourite stars here on sysysblog and their celebrity outfit for the night.
Everyone deserve a VIP ushering that is why you have to call this number right away to get your VIP treat come 26 August
678874275....Call him Frank, besides he is the hottest single guy that you can think of now
Have fun people!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

List of Cameroon National team players called for upcoming AFCON Qualifier matches against Gambia and Gabon

List of Cameroonian players summoned for the matches against Gambia (3 September 2016) and Gabon (6 September 2016).
  1. Andre Ako (Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  2. Fabrice Ondoa (Tarragona, Spain)
  3. Pouaty Moise (Union sportive of Douala).
  1. Ngade Ngadjui (Slavia Prague)
  2. Mbaizo Olivier (Union Douala)
  3. Bitolo Ambroise Oyongo (Montreal Impact)
  4. Adolphe Teikeu (Sochaux, France)
  5. Djeitei Mohamed (Gymnastic Taragone Spain)
  6. Aaron Mbimbe (Coton Sport of Garoua)
  7. Jonathan Ngwem (FC Progresso Luanda, Angola)
  8. Allan Nyom (Watford, England)
  1. Franck Kom (Karlsruhe, Germany)
  2. Sébastien Siani (Ostend, Belgium)
  3. Tony Tchani (Columbus Crew)
  4. Djoum Arnaud (Hearts)
  5. Boya Franck (Apejes Mfou)
  6. Salli Edagr (FC Nuremberg).
  1. Benjamin Moukandjo (Lorient, France)
  2. Njie Clinton (Tottehnam, England)
  3. Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting (Schalke 04, Germany)
  4. Ndip Tambe (Spartak Tmava)
  5. Abang Anatole (BK Avarta Denmark)
  6. Karl Toko (Angers, La France)
  1. Franck Kom (Karlsruhe, Germany)
  2. Sébastien Siani (Ostend, Belgium)
  3. Tony Tchani (Columbus Crew)
  4. Djoum Arnaud (Hearts)
  5. Boya Franck (Apejes Mfou)
  6. Salli Edagr (FC Nuremberg).
  7. Forwards:
  8. Benjamin Moukandjo (Lorient, France)
  9. Njie Clinton (Tottehnam, England)
  10. Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting (Schalke 04, Germany)
  11. Ndip Tambe (Spartak Tmava)
  12. Abang Anatole (BK Avarta Denmark)
  13. Karl Toko (Angers, La France)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Neymar steps down as captain after leading Brazil to Rio Olympics glory

Barcelona and Brazil star Neymar has stepped down as captain of the national team after firing them to Olympic gold on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

 Brazil won the gold medal match against Germany after Neymar struck a 25-yard free-kick and then slotted home the winning penalty in a shoot-out. The 24-year-old on Sunday told Brazilian media: ‘Today I stop being a captain.

“I will send a message to Tite [Brazil’s coach] that from now he can look for another captain. Today I have become a champion and I give up the captain’s armband. It was something I received and honored with affection.

“I can’t begin to describe how I feel but I must say I have fulfilled my dream and to have fulfilled it in my home country makes me very proud.”

Neymar also stressed that he knew he was going to get it right when it mattered most during
the penalty shoot out.

“When I stepped out to take that kick, I told myself there was no way I m going to miss it.”