Friday, August 26, 2016

Live from Hilton: Premier of Yenkong's Cross ready for 7pm today

Am sure by now you should be running to the dry cleaners to pick your dazzling red carpet outfit, or probably you are at Vicky Couture trying to get your "who are you wearing tonight?" Better still you are on looking for a date tonight, could be you scrolling  on your phone up and down looking for tonight's partner. Then i see these other set of long distance people glued to their laptops and phones waiting for updates from sysysblog. You are all doing the right thing.
The VIP hall is ready for the show and of course the VIP pick up driver just mentioned "Am highly on duty now, the Celebrities are going for snacks somewhere, excuse me"
So everyone sit tight while i bring you the gleets and glamour.

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