Sunday, August 28, 2016

SCAM REPUBLIQUE: Cameroonian-Brazilian-American hit movie already trending before release

scam republique

scam republiqueScam Republique is a coming of age crime drama set in a unique and volatile African sub culture. At times raw and violent, at other times touching and true, the lives of Kwesi and Niko (Played by Sony Omar and Felix Kiloso) are woven together in universal themes of love, loss, kinship and redemption. Niko is a young loaf-around, his best friend Kwesi, is his polar opposite, hardworking and pragmatic. Both of these young men struggle to find employment in a harsh environment. When Niko’s mother suddenly becomes ill the duo team up on a get rich quick scheme which leads to disastrous results. Niko and Kwesi fall into a world of robbery and gang warfare. In one horrifying scene after another the high stakes action heats up.

This unbeatable thriller is being shot in Brazil, Cameroon and the U S. This production is a web of great minds some of whom are the industry's international big names, Produced by Kenneth Ngwa and directed by Brazil's best in the business, Marco Matheus.

sony Umar
Interesting to know is the fact one of the lead actors Sony Omar (Kwesi) owns one of the trendy media houses in Cameroon Called AFRIKBLAAK which deals in the production of short movie, clothing, Music among others. The most inspiring thing  about AFRIBLAAK is their "giving back to the community" values clearly demonstrated in the existence of AFRIBLAAK FOUNDATION. 
With all these talents and resources put up into the SCAM REPUBLIQUE, you can be sure that your expectation will be 'over-met'. This movie production is already finished but not released, yet it has already attracted the interest of international movie corporations and personalities who can not wait to savor this delicious piece.
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scam republique

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