Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#3: Why 70% of girls in Central African Countries have kids before marriage

Hello every one, i will be bringing to you today reasons why most girls in the Central African Region get pregnant before marriage. Its a situation with mixed feelings, so get ready to handle it.
It is unethical in some societies in Central  Africa, to have sex before marriage talk less of showcasing your disrespect for tradition with pregnancy, then worst of it, you give birth to a girl. Then in some communities like the Muslim community, it is an abomination to have kids before marriage. Then Biblically, it is recommended not to be sexually involved without a commitment of marriage which implies no kids before marriage except through the holy spirit. In some Pentecostal churches when a girl gets pregnant before marriage, she becomes the topic of preaching for the Sunday, and she is traumatized and blackmailed into leaving the church. On the other hand some countries due to the small size of their population encourage child bearing from who ever.

Finding out while despite these taboos, early pregnancy is still rampant in Central African countries, the following were brought out

Most of the Central African regions is witnessing some kind of civil unrest. Either fighting to impeach a dictator president, fighting for control of resources, or suffering from terrorism. At this point in time during war, there is lawlessness. Soldiers are deployed to different regions where they are separated from families. In a bid to save the world, they sexually abuse these kids as young as 10years old. some of these girls are lured with promises of protection, small gifts while some are threatened. Then comes the worst group who sexually abuse young girls during war, the rebels.

Trapping Men in their nets.
Nowadays, you see this elderly and worn out looking lady and then you are like "Ma please your Wrapper is falling off..." then you realise that she is that mate of yours who was the most intelligent and God fearing young girl in school, then next to her are three kids with one year age difference. And you are like " beautiful kids you got here. Are you waiting for their father ...?" and she is like "it is a long story". In fact Let me cut the long story for you dear readeers: She met John, loved him so much but when she discovered John was gradually leaving her, she got pregnant to keep him from leaving, finally John ran, She met Peter, same story, Met Simon, same story. Three kids different fathers and not yet married? It is gradually becoming a trend in Cameroon especially for girls to be pregnant before marriage. See the fathers of these babies on facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, Their cover pages and profile pics are always their babies and not the women who gave birth to the babies. This strategy is highly failing us dear girls.

Single Mother syndrome
There is this other group of young girls who just like the words 'single mother". Don't know what they are thinking but they prefer to say they are single mothers when asked their marital status to saying they are single.

Precautionary motives
These other group of girls will say they prefer to have kids now incase in the future a husband does not come atleast they will already have mature kids to live for.

With the above reasons, there is a need to address the issue of premarital child bearing. The population is adding but the land to accommodate the growing population is not adding
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