Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cameroon's hottest Musician SETA Beatz. Watch Photoshoot session here

SETA Beatz is one of Cameroon's finest and as we speak is the most sought after for events here in the country. So do not be left out oh, don't say after you must have had a horrible event that "had i known, i would have called SETA and have a peace of mind". I will be here like, "i told you, all i can do now is wipe your tears" and by then you must have lost all your fans, clients, family in law and friends, may be you could lose that husband you were trying to lobby with a surprise birthday party.  SETA Beats will make your guests dance out their sorrows and pain and the next day you won't be able to contain the Pizza, wine, cakes, muffins, the diner calls, zara outfits  offers just so you could call them for the next party entertained by SETA.

+237 677 36 82 73
+234 81 381 515 73
+44(0)74 0569 27 29

Watch the photoshoot session

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