Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Football age of most Cameroonian players has become something else

What do you really think about this Cameroonian footballer age?? (Joseph Minala)
In 2014 Joseph Minala  Cameroonian born, was accused by an African online platform to have slashed 25 years off his his normal 42 to play for an Italian team Lazio U18.
The above allegation was almost confirmed by these social media pictures posted by Minala. He was suspended from playing matches while under investigation and was later cleared off the charges where he was asked to return to his club and play.
17 Years old Minala

What remains is the fact that most African players slash their ages to meet up with the demand for young players in the western world.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha...thats gross exaggeration

  2. A nigga's gotta hustle... do ur thing Minala! any how wey e dey! Haha