Thursday, September 29, 2016

GameUp Chart: Top 10 Hottest Cameroon Actors in TV Series Bad Angel and Rumble 2016

Hello everyone, i bring to you the top hottest Cameroon actors in the 2016 TV Series. Feel free to make your comments and reshuffle. I present to you:
#1:   Dupree Koual in BadAngel
#2:   Desmond White in Rumble
#3:   Nr Seehoofer in Bad Angel
#4:  Libota Mc Donald in Bad Angel
#5:   Godwin Neba in Bad Angel
#6:  Epule Jeffery in Rumble

#7: Allan Smith in Bad Angel

#8: Frank Sire in Rumble

#9:   Clovis Babilla in Bad Angel
#10:  Nkwah Kingsley in Rumble

Your comments are highly welcome


  1. hmmmmmm, i like the list but i do not like where Epule Jeffery is. He is suppose to be ahead.

  2. who the hell is fine boy Frank Sire that i do not know about na

    1. Wu d hell ayu eh?������

  3. Dupree, Frank,desmond, AlleN, Eoule, n MC Don. the rest can come in any order

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  5. Yeah Camer ' s got dem hot guys. Dupree Koual is the man! haha

  6. Yeah Camer ' s got dem hot guys. Dupree Koual is the man! haha

  7. Man Bad Angel Guys killed it I love the series Dupree is you Emmanuel damn u good man cheers!!!!

  8. Wow very nice but the First is the hottest ��

  9. Me like FRANK SIRE. Abeg make some body pronounce this name for Nr Seehoofer

  10. cul list guys ....especially ma main man clovis babila
    proud of you mehnn

  11. Number one on flick��he got all it takes for a man.Waw!Take a look at his muscular legs*** Then he also got that mail celeb swag.Take a look at his posture.In fact he kniled it among all.#2 yes he is cool #3 no swag. In fact number one is killing. I will end here for now .