Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jovi drops Yung Pascal's "Work Dey 3" album. check it out

Yung pascal work dey 3
  Hello everyone i promised you guys to be here live to gist you on the dropping of Yung's Audio Album 'work dey 3'. Here we go with the details.
This album is being master minded by the popular New Bell Records known all over for its famous king, Jovi.
This album has 12 tracks that will  make you have a complete understanding of what the Cameroon hip hop culture is all about and will obvious;y make you know that this is a new era in Cameroon music. Below is the list of the songs and you can always listen to the songs by clicking here

    1:  Go
    2:  I No Kam Fine (feat. Lor)
    3:  Homework
    4:  Lomé-Yaoundé (feat. KanAa)
    5:  Mafor
    6:  Kana Kana
    7:  Miss Dem
    8:  King Don Kam
    9:  Makero (feat. Jovi and Reniss)
    10: Douala-Brazzaville (feat. Freddy Massamba)
   11:  No Waiting
    12:  Going Out
Click here to listen and have fun

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