Monday, September 12, 2016

OMG! "If he does not beat me, then he does not love me". What a hell. Read More

violence against women
There is a serious struggle going on around the world to save the women from the hands of brutal men called the fight against violence against women. International organisations, governments an individuals spend huge sums of money supporting women who are victims of violence. Some of these women have proven worth the help as they have been rescued from the hands of violent men but some are not worth the help.
violence against women

I was sitting down in a snack bar waiting for a friend when this guys batched into his girlfriend sitting with some other 6 friends without his consent. When this girl saw this guy from a distance, she panicked and hid behind her friend. Then this guy noticed her and came around and greeted everyone on the table and then sat somewhere else and was having a drink. Then the girl started crying and leaning on the friend while saying nothing. This guy was leaving the snack bar and this girl could not help but yell out in tears and fury. Shouting at this guy for not scolding or beating her for being out with out his consent. She started throwing her tiny hands around the guy and romantically hitting this guy. When asked why she was doing that by the friend, she said "if he does not beat me, then he does not love me"
Her friends struggling to stop her sighed with relief and left her and the guy was struggling to leave but she kept on until the guy got angry and started beating her as she would have loved, he thought. This girl cried out for help as if she hadn't asked for it.
Taking a keen look at the history of most cases of violence, The women usually start it. But some men too are just that motivated out of nothing to be violent
Girls if you think that when a guy does not beat its because he does not love you, then you are tempting God to give you  wrestler.

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  1. hahahahahahaha... 'then you're tempting God to give you a wrestler' ????