Friday, September 30, 2016

The Prestigeous 'Red Feather Award' is here to celeberate Cameroon film makers

Who says Cameroon will not get there when it comes to entertainment? shine your eyes well well now as the Red Feather Award is here to make you stay up with your eyes opened.
The Red Feather Award is an initiative that was conceived in 2013 and has been in the palace of the film industry for fortification. Yes the time has come to send out the final thing.

In Case you do not know, Red Feather award is the highest level of recognition given to an achiever for the untold achievements and participation in development. It is common in almost every part of Cameroon for Red Feathers to be given to the deserved in well celebrated and decorated occasion. People even fight and others kill for Red feathers but here we are, having it all to ourselves without prejudice. 
The Red Feather therefore comes just in time to recognise the hard work, achievements and participation of the various stakeholders in the movie industry. "Celebrating our own" speaks for itself as this awards is going to uniquely celebrate these movers and shakers of the Cameroon Film industry with a series of thrilling events, ranging from parties to the final award night itself.
Call for submissions shall be launched next week Tuesday 04 October 2016 exclusively on sysysblog.

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