Monday, October 31, 2016

Young, Talented and Pretty! Afah Blessing turning the movie industry around

She is Young,  she is pretty,  she is bold and above all talented.  Afah Blessing is one damsel that is revamping the Cameroon film industry with her incredible talents. At 22, Born on the 30th of October 1994 the slim and gorgeous actress is planting deep her influence in the film industry. She has acted in movies like Yenkong's cross, My mothers Pain, All Ventures, Mr Wetatutu just to give you a clue.

Mr Leo and Dj Lyonga settles the long dispute that suggested disrepect

 I promised you all i was going to follow this to the end. Here it is
Am sure you all know the story of DJ Lyonga vs Mr Leo in a recent dispute on disrepect. Well let me refresh your minds. About a month DJ Lyonga took to harassing Mr Leo on facebook calling him 'Zombie'. Why would someone say that to well renowned artist? Here is why! Mr Leo disrespected DJ Lyonga who is one of the best in the South West Region when he stopped the already prolonged artist night at the instructions of his boss. Mr Leo, who was not even present during the show then made it an issue and wouldn't respond to DJ's messages.

House of Fame with Sysy (TV SHOW) welcomes entrepreneurial initiatives for promotion on the Show.

Hello Beautiful people of Africa and the world, House of Fame with Sysy is the people's show. It is that one stop avenue where we let the people participate in growth of the show and their own growth too.
The show has a 5 minutes slot aimed at promoting young entrepreneurial/business initiatives and ventures. This slot will bring to the world your initiatives, how it works, how you can be contacted, how investors can get to your venture and how clients can get you. To this effect we are calling on everyone with exciting and outstanding initiatives already existing to fill the form below to be visible for selection and then you will have that magical 5 minutes life changer slot all to yourself.

Coming soon: House of Fame with Sysy (TV SHOW): Best of edutainment in one TV show.

The Sysy House of Fame is a TV talk show aimed at offering the best of entertainment to it’s audience spiced with education, information and promotion of young entrepreneurs. This in turn will also participate in solving the on-going social hazards in the society. It is a 26minutes show that will exploit the various aspects of entertainment  such as Music, the movie industry, Football, Fashion, Comedy, Modeling. It will also exploit other  avenues of entertainment such as leisure, bringing to the audience how and where they can spend their leisure time. This show will go a long way to promote the enormous unexploited talents in Cameroon while creating positive impact in the society at the same time.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cameroon Cup: End of match, Apejes 2-Bamboutos 0.(Talents vs Fans club)

The match has officially ended with Apejes being crowned the winners of this years Cameroon Cup with Frank Thierry scoring the winning goals.  Earlier today the streets were flaming with the fans of Bamboutos displaying loyalty to the club and love for the game. Bamnoutos has elevated the level of mediatisation.  Almost every training session being put on media unlike the victors of the match Apejes whose affairs we're kept away from the press.  Clearly this was an encounter between talents and fans.  Apejes' players put on a steady play through out and of course it paid off. 

Apejes scores second goal four minutes after first goal. Cameroon Cup

Frank thierry has scored the second goal during this finals after a long struggle within the first 60 minutes.  He was nominated best young player of the year 2016. At 20 years he is a household name in Cameroon football. 

Cameroon Cup finals: Apejes1: 0 Bamboutos(Talents against fans club)

Sunday Glamour: Star of the Week, outstanding Cameroonian movie Actor, Producer and Director, Seehofer

Hey great people, It is sunday, the long awaited day by you all to savour the best of the entertainment industry. sysysblog brings to you every sunday at 1PM, the legends of the entertainment industry and their inspiring stories. Today's guest is the elegant and outstanding movie maker, N.S Seehofer. Grab your favourite dessert and keep calm, he will make your day delightful as no other.

After a Priest - Father “U” (Eugin Etta), gave him the opportunity 2make his debut on a stage performance in 1999 but got infront of the screen in 2001. Seehofer has since then been exhaling; & is 2day, the branch President of the Actors Guild of Cameroon (NAGCAM).
Driven by an overwhelming passion and the zeal to continue his quest for greatness in the cinema world, Seehofer as he is popularly known in the entertainment arena, has in time developed in to a script writer, movie director, producer & also the artistic coordinator of “Engel”; a drama group lead by Father “U”.
Like most blossoming talents of CFI who were not opportune to undergo professional academic training, Seehofer has however had invaluable field training & attended a host of workshops since the beginning of his carrier. Moreover, he’s been opportune to move to different Regions of the country for drama performances, hitting the stage in Hilton Hotel Yaounde over 5 times on different occasion & CRTV’s Monday show - 2 times.

Effect of National Security on football- Cameroon Cup finals 30/10/2016

Today Sunday 30 October 2016 is s great day in the Cameroon football community as Bamboutos of Mbouda and Apejes of Mfou are hustling for the victory of this competition. Fans of Bamboutos have mobilized into loyal and fearless supporters we all expect in the game of football.
With this match happening in the newly renovated stadium,  everyone was eager to live this day after it was announced.  But after the twin accidents in Cameroon recently attributed the terrorist sect Book Haram, fear of insecurity in places of public gatherings had aroused among the fans. It got worst when a pastor in Uganda prophesied that Cameroonians should be ready for a 'black' Sunday.  This has gone a long way to terrify people from going to the stadium to watch matches.
Despite all these, today's match has a promising turn out as many wave the flying rumour of destruction. But one can not deny the negative effects these recent accidents have on today's match.  We all are praying for the safety of our beloved people. 

count down: Cameroon Cup finals between Bamboutos vs Apejes 6 hours from now

In some few hours Bamboutos of Mbouda and Apejes of Mfou will be clashing at the Omnisport stadium for the finals of the Cameroon Cup,  an ocassion that will be under the patronage of the president of the republic of Cameroon. This match starts at 3:30 pm. The mass support given by fans of Bamboutous has helped rejuvenate the game of football in Cameroon though this does not measure the game strength of the team.
Good luck to both teams. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians Inititiative. Grab the opportunity Now here

The Most Influential Young Cameroonians initiative is an annual awards and ranking scheme for young Cameroonians Achievers between 15-40 years, spearheaded by Avance Media a social enterprise and Achievers Media in partnership with various Organisations.
The initiative is intended to disclose the true and genuine potentials of young people who are earnest to turn around the fortunes of Cameroon’s economy and whose works are at par with their impacts. It is also expected to serve as a source of encouragement to these young individuals whose commitment towards stimulating growth is undoubted.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The 3 Ms of entertainment in one man: Prince Ojay the Movie, Music and Modelling star.

The spunky Prince Ojay is a Cameroonian actor,musician, model and film-related technician who hails from the South West Region of Cameroon precisely Mamfe. He is enrolled at the university of Yaounde II Soa,  level 2 Master's. Ojay's passion for acting was just met in time with his casting for his first movie Return of the best in 2012.  Complimentary to his acting skills is his ability to put the women to a stand still with his magnificent body figure and swag, and the world to a stand still with his voice.  Who wouldn't use one stone to shoot many birds: reasons why he has been a part of many projects for his multi-tasking skills. some of the movies he has been a part of includes

Meet the International Multi-talented Cameroonian film maker: Henry Obama

Aurélien Henry OBAMA
Contact: tel: +237 651 10 01 27/ +237 699 48 39 04 Email:
P.O Box 14639 Yaoundé, Cameroon, Africa
Facebook and twitter: Masterobama
   Son of a retired Cameroonian diplomat Aurélien Henry OBAMA grew up in USA, Canada, and Congo- Brazzaville, schooled in Cameroon, Nigeria and Romania and have been to France. He’s accomplished martial artist a 4th degree Black belt in Karate Shotokan and trains regularly in bodybuilding, stretching, Taekwondo, JeetKune do, Hapkido and Sambo. He is a recognized action martial arts star in Cameroon and in Africa in general. He has been interviewed in several martial arts magazine as one of the prominent promoter of action films in Africa but also due to his online martial arts magazine called Shiai Magazine” The International African Martial Arts Magazine” in which he is the publisher and writer. Founder of the NdumBewa’a ( literally fight of the chimpanzee)  which is an afro-Asian martial art fight system based on his martial art influenced and vision.

Ngato Brian: Savour the irresistible charms of Cameroonian actor and producer

Ngato Brian

Before you read this,  you may wanna put on your emotional control jacket as Ngato Brian will sway you with his irrestible charms and impeccable swag.
Ngato Brian Nkwadi, is an Actor and a producer whom at 28, has made an indelible mark in the industry. Coming from the west region,  hard work and enthusiasism is inherent. Haven been in the industry for over 5years now, he has been able to co-work with African great producers and actors such John Dumelo, Van Bicker,  Epoule Jeffery just to mention a few.

Mapalah Zita: Actress and Radio Presenter going places with her incredible talents

One can't count successful actresses and radio presenters without mentioning  Mapalah Zita among the top 10 in Cameroon.  Zita who has now become a household name in the entertainment industry, shuttles between most aspects of entertainment.  Born in 1987 in Mutegene, hails from Awing,  North West Region of Cameroon,  the gorgeous radio presenter and actress has proven her worth in the following productions:

Meet the Amazing Cameroonian Actress Claudia Fonguh: Beauty, Heart and Talents

Claudia Fonguh is a multitask actress who hails from the Mezam Division in the North West region of Cameroon, Born in 1989 as a princess into royalty, her exceptionally blissful childhood fortified her into a formidable force in the movie industry.
Claudia started a professional acting career in 2013 with " Touch Not", a christian movie being her first big screen. She then attracted the attention of movie producers, justifying her presence in most movies since 2013. Among many of her movies is the 2016 popular TV "Series Bad Angel" aired on CRTV where she played the role of Mindako's accountant, Maureen. She has also acted in movies like Yenkong's Cross, Tinted Roses, The Beast among others.

Friendly match between Cameroon and Kenya Cancelled by Kenyan Football Federation

Football Kenya Federation has cancelled the return leg friendly match billed for Limbe on November 6. Kenya has apologized for the inconvenience saying the cancellation is due to reasons beyond their control.

Meanwhile, the team that was expected to leave for Limbe tomorrow would remain in Akono. Training is scheduled for tomorrow 6:00am and a friendly to be played against AS Academy Isaac on Saturday at 3:00pm.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Divisional delegate of Culture threatens to lock DJ Lyonga up for deleting Mr Leo's songs. Ridiculous!

Hello guys am sure you all must have been following the Dj Lyonga vs Mr Leo case here on sysysblog. Well i promised last time i was going to bring to you updates. Just a synopsis of the whole case. Dj Lyonga took to facebook to harras Mr Leo, calling him a Zombie. Digging deep into this, DJ Lyonga said Mr Leo disrespected him and he just needed Mr Leo to apologise but rather Mr Leo reported him to the divisional delegate for Culture.

Draws for Afcon U17 Madagascar: Baby lions in group A

The draws for the African Nations Cup are done with and Cameroon happens to be in the same group as Ghana,  Madagascar and Guinee.  This competition is cheduled for 2017 in Madagascar.  Good Luck. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cameroon Cup finals: Bamboutos de Mbouda Vs Apejes de Mfou coming up 30th October

If you have been keen enough,  you would notice red and blue flags every where in the various towns in Cameroon.  On these flag you have the acronym Of Bamboutos FC 'BTOS". Even in snack bars, ypu find these flags,  even during other matches where they are not concerned. The patriotism of the fans of Btos FC knows no limit.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

U17 Women's World Cup 2016 Jordan: Finals played between Korea and Japan. Find results here

U17 Women's World Cup 2016 Jordan ended today Friday 21st October with the two finalists Korea DPR and Japan battling for the Cup. Cameroon was dropped from the race at the first stage with 0 points. Ghana was the only African Nation that succeeded to reach quarter finals where they were sent back home. After 90 minutes of play, the match ended in a draw game and as if the rule of football, they took on penalties which kept the Koreans 5 goals ahead of Japan with 4 goals. The progress in female football is really remarkable and may FIFA continue to create more opportunities for the women

Sunday Glamour: Star of the week; Breath-taking Actor and Producer, Desmond Wyte.

Hello Beautiful people, it is another Sunday and as usual, we are here to brighten your day and to herald you into the new week with lots of fun and immense satisfaction. having in mind all that has happened in Cameroon lately where i am writing from, we can only watch and pray while leaving the rest to God. Our guest for today will take away your breath with his charms and of course just in a moment, will take away all the stress you've accumulated in years. I present to you Desmond Wyte , the industry's big name.
By now you will need to refill your glass of wine! let's drink to the best entertainment forum, sysysblog and to the most elegant guest, Desmond.

Desmond Wyte is a household name in the movie industry that has greatly contributed to the recent boom in the industry. His Charisma and passion for movie making started when he was a kid. He then followed the path by taking part in school dramas and representing his college in inter-college competitions where he emerged successful in almost all. Then the flame of this art began burning in him and could only help to showcase his talents as he then came to the big screen in 2008 while in University year 2.From 2008 Desmond became unstoppable in movie making, reasons why he starred in almost all Cameroon movies and TV Series.

Afcon 2016 Cameroon: End of friendly match between Kenya and Cameroon. Results

The Lionesses tamed  the Harambe Starlets 1-0  on home ground in a warm-up match played today at the Kasarani Stadium. Manie Christine scored on penalty in the second half which was more engaging than the first. Both teams seemed to suffer from the long journeys, Cameroon arrived late in the night coupled with suffocating weather that made breathing difficult for some players. The Kenyan team equally came from Morocco, though arrived much earlier than Cameroon. The return leg would be played in Limbe on November 6.

women's Afcon 2016 Cameroon: find program of the Lionesses and their friendly matches here

The Lionesses of Cameroon in preparation to host women's Afcon, are taking on a couple of friendly games with other African countries.  Find their schedule here

22/10: KENYA vs. CAMEROUN, stade Kasarani, Nairobie
06/11: CAMEROUN vs. KENYA, stade de Limbe, Limbe
10/11: TANZANIE vs. CAMEROUN, stade omnisports de Yaoundé
13/11: CAMEROUN vs. TANZANIE, stade omnisports de Yaoundé

U20 Lions: List of Players called for preparation of CAN 2017 in Zambia

8-TCHOFO KUETE ANGE(TITANIC EDEA)                                                       
               Released by Coach Ashu Besong

Cameroon Cup finals over. Find infos and winners here

it was a wonderful encounter between Louvre Minprof and Amazon Fap. The encounter which lasted 90 minutes with no goals and then off to penalty kicks ended up in favour of Louvre Minprof. These laureates displayed lesser levels of skills than Amazon Fap but as the game is, nothing is sure until the last whistle is blown.
Louvre Minprof carries the day

Live from the military Stadium: Half time, Louvres Minprof 0-0 Amazon Fap

Live from the military stadium: arrival of officials/kick off

Happening now: finals of Cameroon Cup for women at the military stadium, Yaounde