Saturday, October 29, 2016

50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians Inititiative. Grab the opportunity Now here

The Most Influential Young Cameroonians initiative is an annual awards and ranking scheme for young Cameroonians Achievers between 15-40 years, spearheaded by Avance Media a social enterprise and Achievers Media in partnership with various Organisations.
The initiative is intended to disclose the true and genuine potentials of young people who are earnest to turn around the fortunes of Cameroon’s economy and whose works are at par with their impacts. It is also expected to serve as a source of encouragement to these young individuals whose commitment towards stimulating growth is undoubted.


Become the Leading and Most Credible program to Rank and Honour Young Cameroonians


A Nominee must be:

  1. A Cameroonian.
  2. 15 or below 40 years.
  3. In 2 years of Active Service in a Category.
  4. Outstanding with Public Evidence of Impact
  5. Motivating to be able to inspire other young people with his/her work


  • Rank and Honour the Most Influential Young Cameroonians Annually.
  • Uphold Public discretion of the Most Influential Young Cameroonians.
  • Evangel the Inspiring Stories, Works and Impacts of Young Cameroonians across the World.
  • Change the Negative Perceptions of the Potentials of Young People.
  • Fuel Patriotism among Young Cameroonians
  • Create Value for the Works of Young Cameroonians Globally.


  • Business
  • Business Development
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Environment
  • Law & Governance
  • Media
  • Personal Development and Academia
  • Social Entreprise & Philanthropy
  • Sports
  • Technology 
This is the most interesting initiative of the year. The forms will be put online for submission of profiles for review and  then there will be 7 days left for the nominations to be put up. Grab the opportunity and the next big name in Cameroon.
On monday 1st of November, the form will be up, Keep reading sysysblog and get the best of exposure. Rendez vous, Monday.

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  1. That's an initiative worth applauding. Thanks for the update.