Sunday, October 9, 2016

Approximately 48million FCFA has been spent on Rigobert Song's health by the Government

Cameroon government is spending several millions of Central African Francs on Song’s medical bills.We gathered  48million FCFA has been spent so far. Public Health Minister revealed the player’s transfer from the Yaounde Hospital emergency unit was ordered by Paul Biya, Cameroon’s Head of State who has been in power for not less than than 34 years.
This has gone a long way to bring controversies. Some people are very appreciative that the government has put in that much to save their lion from the claws of death but are also wondering
why Jean Paul Akono former National team coach who faced a similar situation but received a lesser treatment from the government.
Others are of the opinion that Cameroon government is not visionary. They should rather spend this kind of money in upgrading Cameroon's dilapidated and scandalous health sector. This way they reduce expenditure.
Another school of thought appreciate every effort made for Song but wonders what happens to every other Cameroonian who go through the same pain, will government also provide subventions? 
Then What about health insurance that covers situations like this especially for footballers? others wondered.
this has sparked serious controversies but we all remain positive that Rigobert gets out of this and the Health sector should be more proactive
Song is the Indomitable Lion’s longest serving captain and currently one of the managers of the Niger national team. He celebrated at home and abroad by fans of the national team and European football clubs including England’s Liverpool and West Ham. The football world continues to wish him good health while a few individuals have continued to post Rest in Peace messages for his social media.

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