Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cameroon Cup finals: Bamboutos de Mbouda Vs Apejes de Mfou coming up 30th October

If you have been keen enough,  you would notice red and blue flags every where in the various towns in Cameroon.  On these flag you have the acronym Of Bamboutos FC 'BTOS". Even in snack bars, ypu find these flags,  even during other matches where they are not concerned. The patriotism of the fans of Btos FC knows no limit.
 Even during the finale of the cup of Cameroon for women,  the only flags you could find in the fans club Arena werr Btos, Btos,  Btos. This is a sign of the solidarity and team spirit between the club and its fans. Then on the other hand is Apejes.  I have been working around and haven't found a single flag of Apejes.  The fan base is weak but the fans have never determined the turn out of a match.  Its on every lip that Bamboutos has greater chances of winning than Apejes.

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