Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cameroonians tell Fecafoot to leave Enow Ngatchu, Coach of the lionesses to do his job

After a press release from the communication department of Fecafoot on the creation of a new committee to monitor and supervise the female National team, Cameroonian football fans reacted to this press release on facebook. The communique which had the following as committee members drew the undivided attention of the fans in condemning this decision

"This ad hoc committee is composed of the following
- M. Sockeng Etienne,
- M. Ntoungou Pile Martin
- M. Amoa Jean Marie
Done at yaoundé on 05 October 2016"

It should also be noted that fans of the Female National team had made several pleas that this reputable coach should be given all the resources to run the team and keep making the country proud as he has been doing. Below is a snapshot of some of the comments of the fans on new ad hoc committee.

while others were arguing that this committee is important to monitor the opponents because Coach Enow can not be every where to see the opponents, others stood firm to the fact that there is the effective implementation of the media that will assist him to monitor the opponents and that the ad hoc committee is just another distraction and a means to justify unaccounted budgets. 


  1. hmmmm i was going to tell fecafoot some how about this. when they discover say this my broda di do well, they want confuse and control ye. God forbid

  2. yes oh leave him alone. this is my best post so far. and am happy this is coming from the francophones even. that means say dem sef di see

  3. Why this country can't celebrate and appreciate his hero,Enow is young and dedicated to what he's doing since some years do that committee of monitors are really necessary???? Nah I don't think so please let him do his work in peace...

  4. Enow u have beaten them to their own game. They are just confused now. You rock baba. Beta boy

    1. You must be a girl. Weh bae u no fit praise me. I ko be too na coach

    2. Hihihi. U must fine too. Bc Enow fine too. Hope say you Nova cream ur body

  5. Chai !! Cameroon....upon all the places Enow has travelled with these ladies.... It's this same Enow who wiped our tears with perfomances from his squard when the males failed us....yet he doesn't 'see' well or 'analyse the oppononents well'. 237 tu connais !!!