Saturday, October 1, 2016

Carlos Kameni finally speaks out his mind on his absence from the National Team Selection

The number 1 of  Cameroon Carlos Kameni has been missing from the Belgian technician, Hugo Broos' 
selection for the National team. Remember when he was called impromptu to save the team as 
replacement for Andre's absence due to indiscipline? Most fans saw it as disrespect and saluted Kameni's 
decision not to honour the invitation. 
This last selection for the match against Algeria was yet another demise of friction between the number
1 and the Coach Bros 
In an interview with the Cameroonian daily Le Jour, the associate of the former Spanish 
Barcelona had this to say

"I can assure you that I never refused to defend our national team. Mr. Alphonse Tchami (Team Manager of the Cameroon national team) informed me that I would be selected for the FIFA World Cup against Algeria, but is not the case today. I accept it sportingly. That means goalkeepers who have been summoned are supposed to be better than me ", he blurted.

The Cameroon goalkeeper seems clearly not 
meaning to bow to the desires of his coach in
 order to rejoin the group and advised: " I am 
Cameroonian. I was born Cameroonian I will stay Cameroonian.
 They (the foreign coaches, Editor's note.) will come and go
 and we will stay with our nation... ".

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