Saturday, October 1, 2016

Check out the New Tchop et Yamo at Essos- Yaounde. Classy fast food Restaurant

side view of the restaurant.

Hello beautiful people, i bring you to you one of the most talk about classy fast food restaurants in Yaounde with branches at Mvog Mbi and Bastos. This fast food restaurant is known for its timely and professional services in the provision of delicious food.
One of its most popular and most sought after meal is the "Beignet Haricot" known in English as 'puff puff and beans' with prices ranging from 700frs to 1000frs. It also has desserts like sandwich, salades, ice cream of different flavours, among others.
The clear distinction of this new site is the multi colored setting of the seats. Also its spacious enough with a beautiful green garden with well paved lanes right at the entrance. This site's sections are named after tribes and their traditional dishes with their virtues plastered everywhere in the hall
The 'Eru' section of the hall

your favourite sport view

cross section of the resto

Menu of the day and affordable prices

on paye avant de ya mo

cross section facing the grass lane

external view

external sitting

front view with well paved lanes
 So if you are visiting the town of Yaounde, this is the idle place to get your fast food, desserts and drinks. It is located at one of the most vibrant quaters in Yaounde, Camp Sonel Essos. Have fun

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