Monday, October 31, 2016

Coming soon: House of Fame with Sysy (TV SHOW): Best of edutainment in one TV show.

The Sysy House of Fame is a TV talk show aimed at offering the best of entertainment to it’s audience spiced with education, information and promotion of young entrepreneurs. This in turn will also participate in solving the on-going social hazards in the society. It is a 26minutes show that will exploit the various aspects of entertainment  such as Music, the movie industry, Football, Fashion, Comedy, Modeling. It will also exploit other  avenues of entertainment such as leisure, bringing to the audience how and where they can spend their leisure time. This show will go a long way to promote the enormous unexploited talents in Cameroon while creating positive impact in the society at the same time.
This show will also handle social life topics that can spur the growth of the society. It also going to showcase the beauty of Cameroon and its businesses, infrastructure and socio-cultural activities as it travels round Cameroon to discover.
This show has a slot that also promotes young entrepreneurs by show casing their businesses and innovations to the world

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