Saturday, October 8, 2016

Crystal palace and other officials present for the selection tournament in Mbankomo

The selection tournament organised by Fecafoot witnessed a turn out of hundreds of footballers seeking greener pastures. 130 players have been selected and only 11 will finally be retained.  While others find this as Cameroon progressing,  others see it as a means of exploiting and destroying our local leagues. "It means in the nearest future if i have to watch a good camerronian based match,  i have to travel to UK,  they should rather come and invest in developing our local leagues. At the end we will have nothing that is ours in this country" says Ettien Banin a football fan.
"Am so happy for this opportunity to go and play outside" said one of the 130 players selected. Looks like everyone is missing it,  the communique sent by fecafoot said the recruitment was for the CP Academy that will soon start functioning here. 

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