Monday, October 24, 2016

Divisional delegate of Culture threatens to lock DJ Lyonga up for deleting Mr Leo's songs. Ridiculous!

Hello guys am sure you all must have been following the Dj Lyonga vs Mr Leo case here on sysysblog. Well i promised last time i was going to bring to you updates. Just a synopsis of the whole case. Dj Lyonga took to facebook to harras Mr Leo, calling him a Zombie. Digging deep into this, DJ Lyonga said Mr Leo disrespected him and he just needed Mr Leo to apologise but rather Mr Leo reported him to the divisional delegate for Culture.

Dj Lyonga was called up to the regional delegate's office in Buea  and was questioned and reprimanded for deleting Mr Leo's Songs from his play list in the night club. She even went as far as threatening to lock him up. The question remains why does this lady wants to lock some one who voluntarily looked for Mr Leo's Song and still voluntarily deleted them? Is the DJ association recognised and supported by any delegation of culture? The answer is a clear no. I went forward to investigate if Mr Leo paid Dj Lyonga for playing his songs or had a contract with Mr Leo, again the answer is "NO". The big question still remains "why is the delegate of culture threatening to lock DJ Lyonga,?" please Lawyers help us here. what is the charge? I rest my case.


  1. Hmmmmmmm Sysy, this is good follow up, investigative journalism. If delegate like make she try and see. she is just confused, she can not even try to lock Dj else there will be rioting. who born her

  2. How did this issue reah the delegation na Leo? it shows that u are week man. you need to handle your shit yourself and dont make it go out of hand for some one to handle

  3. We are no where yet but they keep fighting wat will happen wen we are t the top

    1. I tell you oh sister, empty people dem so