Sunday, October 30, 2016

Effect of National Security on football- Cameroon Cup finals 30/10/2016

Today Sunday 30 October 2016 is s great day in the Cameroon football community as Bamboutos of Mbouda and Apejes of Mfou are hustling for the victory of this competition. Fans of Bamboutos have mobilized into loyal and fearless supporters we all expect in the game of football.
With this match happening in the newly renovated stadium,  everyone was eager to live this day after it was announced.  But after the twin accidents in Cameroon recently attributed the terrorist sect Book Haram, fear of insecurity in places of public gatherings had aroused among the fans. It got worst when a pastor in Uganda prophesied that Cameroonians should be ready for a 'black' Sunday.  This has gone a long way to terrify people from going to the stadium to watch matches.
Despite all these, today's match has a promising turn out as many wave the flying rumour of destruction. But one can not deny the negative effects these recent accidents have on today's match.  We all are praying for the safety of our beloved people. 

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