Monday, October 31, 2016

House of Fame with Sysy (TV SHOW) welcomes entrepreneurial initiatives for promotion on the Show.

Hello Beautiful people of Africa and the world, House of Fame with Sysy is the people's show. It is that one stop avenue where we let the people participate in growth of the show and their own growth too.
The show has a 5 minutes slot aimed at promoting young entrepreneurial/business initiatives and ventures. This slot will bring to the world your initiatives, how it works, how you can be contacted, how investors can get to your venture and how clients can get you. To this effect we are calling on everyone with exciting and outstanding initiatives already existing to fill the form below to be visible for selection and then you will have that magical 5 minutes life changer slot all to yourself.
 Please share this to Your friends, groups and family to change lives
for further details
Tel: +237 67216 0556

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