Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lionesses play a friendly match against a 3rd Division team. what a competition!

The friendly matches recently played by the lionesses have raised a lot of questions. The teams that these ladies who will be facing strong international teams like Nigeria during the AFCON 2016 have been playing matches against are being considered by fans as child's play.
 Just recently he lionesses who are in camp at Akono played a friendly match against a college known as Espoire du Caire under the watchful eyes of football authorities in Cameroon such as
Fecafoot President, Tombi A Roko Sidiki, the Secretary General at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education,Oumarou Tado, and the Coordinator of National Teams, Nduidjol Nlend.

'The lionesses have made us proud with their on going performances, but they are not being treated well, their bonuses not paid on time, and worst now is the very funny unheard of teams that they are made to play friendlies with" says Rene a football fan in Kumba. "when i read fecafoot's report on facebook which is one of the few in English, i felt so ashamed because i was from seeing results of Cameroon football men in Marseille. why should Cameroon men play friendlies with french league 1 teams and the ladies with  a team that i have never heard of and might not belong to any league?" said Mireille who has been following the ladies closely.
Some blame this on inadequate resources, others call it gender bias promoted by Cameroon football and others say this is just politics of the game.
Which ever, we wish the ladies the best of luck

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