Friday, October 28, 2016

Mapalah Zita: Actress and Radio Presenter going places with her incredible talents

One can't count successful actresses and radio presenters without mentioning  Mapalah Zita among the top 10 in Cameroon.  Zita who has now become a household name in the entertainment industry, shuttles between most aspects of entertainment.  Born in 1987 in Mutegene, hails from Awing,  North West Region of Cameroon,  the gorgeous radio presenter and actress has proven her worth in the following productions:
All Ventures tv serie, Yenkong' Cross and Three Days With Mama and is currently working on "Clandestine Immigration", "Winds" and "The Passage"
Zita is opened to new scripts and productions and is working hard to have a Tv show.
Mapalah Zita on facebook
Instagram is mapalah_zitazita

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  1. Whaoh..... this is gorgeous. Keep it up my star.
    The sky is your limit